5 Controversial Writing Ideas

Take a Chance, Shake Things Up, Impress Your Teacher

When you choose a tough topic for your research paper, you have a better chance of impressing your teacher, especially if the paper is well written.

Sometimes the tougher, more controversial topics are more admirable because they require more research, tact, critical thinking, and more comprehension. Show your teacher you have what it takes. Try one of these five ideas, or let our ideas inspire you to choose a controversy of your own. What do you care about?

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Should People Be Allowed to Conceal Guns?

Gun Show Held At Pima County Fairgrounds - Getty Images
Gun Show Held At Pima County Fairgrounds - Getty Images

There is a new gun shop in my small Southern shop with a giant sign that says GUNS in very large and bold letters. You can see it from a mile away.

While Democrats and Republicans in the United States are both arguably for liberty, there is an impression that Republicans are more in favor of the right to conceal weapons than are Democrats, right or wrong.

Many public buildings in the U.S. post notices on their doors that weapons, concealed or not, are not allowed. You will see these notices especially at government offices and schools, very likely at your own school.

This is definitely a hot topic. What is the concealed carry law in the U.S.? Take a side, research it, include politics if you're bold enough, and convince your teacher one way or the other.

If you happen to have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, this will be an especially good topic for you to write about. Include your experience in the training course you were required to take. Put your reader in your shoes. Make it personal. Let them experience what it was like to take that course, and I'm guessing you'll get bonus points.

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Is Global Warming Real?

Al Gore Hosts Town Hall Meeting On Global Warming - Getty Images
Al Gore Hosts Town Hall Meeting On Global Warming - Getty Images

It was especially hot in the United States in the summer of 2011. It was so hot in the South that home-grown tomatoes didn't taste good. Scores of gardeners threw their cherished tomatoes away.

That's a very insignificant indication of the possibility of global warming, but you will find avid gardeners who will argue their point.

Far more convincing arguments exist.

Or do they? Check out both sides.

Al Gore's website, algore.com, will give you loads of information for the global warming argument. If you haven't watched his film, An Inconvenient Truth, you absolutely must if you are writing about global warming.

There are many people who will argue against Gore. Do your research,  present both sides, take a stand, and make your argument.

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Do Video Games Inspire Violent Behavior?

Grand Theft Auto IV - Getty Images
Grand Theft Auto IV - Getty Images

I have a friend who played the Grand Theft Auto video game whenever she had a chance. She once told me she had to think very carefully when driving her real life car so that she didn't just drive over curbs and crash into bad guys.


You can find other, more tragic, examples in the news.

You can also find experts who insist that violence on television or in video games does not inspire violence in human beings.

Which side are you on? Research the facts and defend your position.

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Is Small Town Government Corrupt?

Two Men Talking by Jetta Productions - Getty Images
Two Men Talking by Jetta Productions - Getty Images

I have had doubts on occasion about the politics in the small town in which I live. I'm not convinced the alderpeople truly understand the Sunshine Laws that protects all of us from illegal conversations and agreements made between public officials outside of public meetings. If you don't know what a sunshine law is, that's an excellent place to start your research.

Small-town officials have been prosecuted in the United States for "taking care of business" their own ways, especially when city meetings are not covered by a local newspaper.

If you have experience with this kind of travesty, or suspect it in your own town, this is a fabulous paper topic for you.

I encourage you to go for it.

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Are Tattoos an Art Form?

Tal's Tattoo by Miss Pupik / Flickr
Miss Pupik / Flickr Creative Commons Attribution

I have a friend who is covered in tattoos that are beautiful. His body is an art canvas. Several of his body parts are works in progress. He is always evolving.

On the other hand, we have all seen terribly drawn tattoos on legs and arms and shoulders that are faded or distorted by fat.

Is body art a valid art form? What do you think? What is the difference between a person who invests in beautiful tattoos of significant size and someone who pays a few dollars for a quickie butterfly?

Are both forms a-okay? Explore all the ways of enjoying tattoos, and be sure to take a stance. This is an excellent topic if you can include photographs.