Warm-Up Activities and Fillers for the French Classroom

Most language teachers find that there is a bit of dead time during class. This may occur at the beginning of class, as the students are arriving; at the end of class, as they are thinking about leaving; and right in the middle of class, when transitioning from one lesson to another. During this dead time, the best option is to spend five or ten minutes on a short, interesting activity, like Conversations.

Set up

Make a set of cue cards, each with a different subject or list of vocabulary in keeping with what you want them to practice.


Students pair off and have a conversation with one another based on their subjects. After a minute or two, call out to them or ring a bell. The students trade cards and find a new partner.


Because they exchange cards each time, the students have a different conversation with each partner.

Useful for

Just about any vocabulary

What kind of warm-up activities work best in your language classes? Let us know!

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