Cubic Feet to Cubic Inches Conversion

Worked Volume Conversion Example

Converting cubic feet to cubic inches is a common English units conversion problem. Here is the conversion factor and a worked example.

Conversion Factor

1 cubic foot = 1728 cubic inches

1 cubic inch = 0.000578704 cubic feet

Simple Example

Convert 3.5 cubic feet into cubic inches. When using a conversion factor, be sure the unit you are changing from gets cancelled out.

You can multiply by the conversion factor:

3.5 cubic feet x 1728 cubic inches per cubic foot = 6048 cubic inches

Worked Example

You measure a box and find it is 2 foot long, 1 foot high, and 0.5 feet deep. The first step is to calculate the volume in cubic feet. The volume of the box is length x width x height so the volume of the box is:

2 x 1 x 0.5 = volume in cubic feet

1 cubic foot

Now, to convert this to cubic inches, you know there are 1728 cubic inches in 1 cubic foot:

1 cubic foot x (1728 cubic inches / 1 cubic foot) = volume in cubic inches

1 cubic foot x 1728 cubic inches/foot = volume in cubic inches

1728 cubic inches

More Examples

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