How to Get More RBG Color Values for Delphi

Expand your color range by converting RBG to TColor

Wide range of colors

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In Delphi, the TColor type specifies the color of an object. It is used by the color property of many components and by other properties that specify color values.

The Graphics unit contains definitions of useful constants for TColor. For example, clBlue maps to blue, clRed maps to red.

More "CL" Values = More Colors

You can specify TColor as a 4-byte hexadecimal number instead of using the constants defined in the Graphics unit. The low three bytes represent RGB (red, green, blue) color intensities for blue, green and red, respectively. Note the inversion from a typical hex color: For TColor, the sequence is blue-green-red.

For example, red can be defined as TColor($0000FF).

Convert RBG to TColor

If you have values for red, green and blue intensities (a number from 0 to 255 - "byte" type), here's how to get the TColor value:

   r,g,b : Byte;
   color : TColor;
   r := StrToInt(ledRed.Text) ;
   g := StrToInt(ledGreen.Text) ;
   b := StrToInt(ledBlue.Text) ;
   color := RGB(r, g, b) ;
   Shape1.Brush.Color := color;

The "ledRed", "ledGreen" and "ledBlue" are three edit controls used to specify the intensity of each color component. Shape1 is a TShape Delphi control.

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