Converting Cubic Centimeters to Liters

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This example problem demonstrates how to convert cubic centimeters to liters (cm3 to l). Cubic centimeters and liters are two metric units of volume.

Cubic Centimeters To Liters Problem

What is the volume in liters of a cube with sides of 25 centimeters?


First, find the volume of the cube.
**Note** Volume of a cube = (length of side)3
Volume in cm3 = (25 cm)3
Volume in cm3 = 15625 cm3

Second, convert cm3 to ml
1 cm3 = 1 ml
Volume in ml = Volume in cm3
Volume in ml = 15625 ml

Third, convert ml to L
1 L = 1000 ml

Set up the conversion to cancel out the desired unit. In this case, we want L to be the remaining unit.

volume in L = (volume in ml) x (1 L/1000 ml)
volume in L = (15625/1000) L
volume in L = 15.625 L


A cube with 25 cm sides contains 15.625 L of volume.

Simple cm3 to L Conversion Example

If you're lucky enough to have the original value already in cubic centimeters, conversion to liters is easy.

Convert 442.5 cubic centimeters into liters. From the previous example, you should realize a cubic centimeter is the same volume as a milliliter, so:

442.5 cm3 = 442.5 ml

From there, you just need to convert cm3 to liters.

1000 ml = 1 L

Finally, convert the units. The 'trick' is to check the set-up of the conversion to make sure the ml units cancel out, leaving you with liters for the answer:

volume in L = (volume in ml) x (1 L/1000 ml)
volume in L = 442.5 ml x (1 L/1000 ml)
volume in L = 0.4425 L

Note: Whenever a volume (or any reported value) is less than 1, always add the leading zero before the decimal point to make the answer easier to read.

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