Converting Milliliters to Liters

Worked Unit Conversion Example Problem

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This example problem demonstrates how to convert milliliters to liters.


A soda can holds 350 ml of liquid. If someone were to pour 20 soda cans of water into a bucket, how many liters of water are transferred to the bucket?


First, find the total volume of the water.

Total volume in ml = 20 cans x 350 ml/can
Total volume in ml = 7000 ml

Second, convert ml to L

1 L = 1000 ml

Set up the conversion so the desired unit will be cancelled out.

In this case, we want L to be the remaining unit.

volume in L = (volume in ml) x (1 L/1000 ml)
volume in L = (7000/1000) L
volume in L = 7 L


7 liters of water was poured into the bucket.

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