How Do I Convert to Zoroastrianism?

Hannah M.G. Shapero/

Question: How Do I Convert to Zoroastrianism?

Answer: Zoroastrianism is a community-based religion. Traditional Zoroastrians frequently do not believe in accepting converts. Even outsiders who marry into a Zoroastrian community may not be viewed as fully Zoroastrian, and many communities discourage marriage to outsiders.

However, some Zoroastrians, particular those living the West, do accept converts.

You should seek out a local Zoroastrian organization, which is difficult considering the small number of believers, which is perhaps only 200,000 in the entire world.

Of course, nothing stops you from believing in Ahura Mazda and following the teachings of Zoroaster, but you should not claim to be a Zoroastrian unless a Zoroastrian community has accepted you.