Cool Science Fair Projects

Ideas for Cool Science Fair Projects

Can you change your eye color by changing your diet?
Can you change your eye color by changing your diet? That one example of a cool science fair project you can try. Juliet White/Getty Images

Some science fair projects are just more cool than others. Here's a look at some cool science fair project ideas as well as a collection of reader-submitted cool project ideas.

Can What You Eat Change Your Eye Color?

Some claims have been made that what you eat can ​​change your eye color. You can test this hypothesis yourself.

Is ESP Real?

Some people claim they can tell who is calling on the telephone before they pick up the phone (and without consulting caller ID). Can they really do it? State a hypothesis and conduct an experiment to test whether your subjects have this form of ESP.

Sparking Vegetables

Some frozen vegetables have been shown to produce sparks when cooked in the microwave. What types of vegetables produce these sparks? Is spark production dependent on the initial temperature of the vegetables? Does the cooking container play a role in sparking? There is a lot of exploration possible here.

Can You Decompose a Disposable Diaper?

It is estimated that it will take hundreds or possibly thousands of years for disposable diapers in landfills to decompose. Can you find a way to decompose them? How long does it take a cloth diaper to decompose?

Could Your Home Use Wind or Solar Energy?

How much wind or sun does it take to use a wind or solar power generation system? How does that compare with the average number of windy or sunny days where you live. Investigate what it would take to start generating and using your own power.