Cool Things To Do With Dry Ice

Fun and Interesting Dry Ice Science Projects

Dry Ice
Andrew W.B. Leonard/Getty Images

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It is called "dry ice" because it's frozen, yet never melts into a liquid. Dry ice sublimates or makes the transition directly from frozen solid into carbon dioxide gas. If you are lucky enough to get some dry ice, there are lot of projects you can try. Here are some of my favorite cool things to do with dry ice.

  • Dry Ice Bubbles - Place a piece of dry ice in bubble solution. Fog-filled bubbles will form. Popping them releases dry ice fog, which is a cool effect.
  • Simulate a Comet - Simulate a comet using dry ice and a few other simple materials. It will even produce a "tail" like a real comet.
  • Dry Ice Jack-o'-Lantern - Make a cool Halloween jack-o'-lantern that spews dry ice fog.
  • Dry Ice Erupting Volcano Cake - While you can't eat dry ice, you can use it as a decoration for food. In this project, dry ice produces a volcanic eruption for a volcano cake.
  • Dry Ice Bomb - Sealing dry ice into a container will cause it to burst. The safest version of this is to place a small piece of dry ice into a plastic film canister or potato chip can with a pop lid.
  • Inflate a Balloon - Seal a small piece of dry ice inside a balloon. As the dry ice sublimates, the balloon will blow up. If you use too big a piece of dry ice, the balloon will pop!
  • Inflate a Glove - Similarly, you can put a piece of dry ice into a latex or other plastic glove and tie it closed. The dry ice will inflate the glove.

    Dry ice is a lot of fun to play with, but it is very cold, plus there are other hazards associated with it. Before attempting a project involving dry ice, be sure you are aware of dry ice risks. Have fun and be safe!