COOPER Surname Meaning and Family History

What does the last name "Cooper" mean?

Coopers who made and sold casks and barrels often became known by the name of their occupation.
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The surname Cooper is an English occupational name for one who made and sold casks, buckets and tubs. The name derives from the Middle English couper, cowper, adapted from Middle Dutch kuper, a derivative of kup, meaning "tub" or "container." Cooper may also be an Anglicized version of a similar sounding surname such as the Dutch Kuiper, or the Jewish Kupfer or Kupper.

Origin and Popularity of COOPER

Cooper is the 64th most popular surname in the United States and the 29th most common surname in England. The prevalence of the surname is due to the cooper trade's importance during the Middle Ages throughout Europe. 

As a Dutch surname, Cooper may have originated as an occupational name for a buyer or merchant, from the Middle Dutch coper.

Surname Origin: English, Dutch


Famous People With the COOPER Surname

  • James Fenimore Cooper - 19th-century American novelist
  • Gary Cooper - American actor of the silent film era
  • Martin Cooper - American engineer who conceived the first mobile cellular phone
  • Peter Cooper - American industrialist and inventor; best known for designing and building the first steam locomotive in the United States
  • Jackie Cooper - American actor, director and producer
  • Bradley Cooper - American actor

Where Is the COOPER Surname Most Common?

Forebears identifies Cooper as the 927th most common surname in the world, with the greatest numbers of individuals with the name living in the United States, where the name ranks 61st. Based on surname density, Cooper is also a very common last name in England (where it ranks 35th in the country), Liberia (4th), Australia (43rd), New Zealand (37th) and Wales (67th).

While the Cooper surname is very common throughout the United Kingdom, WorldNames PublicProfiler shows it as most common in central England, especially in Staffordshire.

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