Copy Slides to Another PowerPoint Presentation

Reuse PowerPoint 2007 or 2003 Slides by Copying to Another Presentation

Arrange the windows to see both PowerPoint presentations in order to copy slides
Arrange the windows to see both PowerPoint presentations in order to copy slides. Wendy Russell

Copy Slides in PowerPoint 2007 or 2003

Copying slides from one PowerPoint presentation to another is a quick and easy task. There are several methods to get slides from one presentation to another, and there is no right or wrong way -- just a preference on the part of the presenter.

This article will take you through the steps, using either copy and paste or a click and drag method.

  1. Open two presentations.
    • original presentation - contains the slides to copy from
    • destination presentation - slides will be copied to this presentation - (this may be an existing presentation or a new presentation)
      • For PowerPoint 2007 - On the View tab of the ribbon, in the Window section, click on the Arrange All button.
      • For PowerPoint 2003 (and earlier) - Choose Window > Arrange All from the main menu.
    This will show both presentations at the same time on screen.
  1. For all versions of PowerPoint, choose one of the following methods to copy your slides ~
    • Copy and Paste
      1. Right click on the thumbnail slide to be copied, in the Slides/Outline task pane of the original presentation.
      2. Choose Copy from the shortcut menu.
      3. In the destination presentation, right click in a blank area of the Slides/Outline task pane, where you wish to place the copied slide. This can be anywhere in the sequence of slides in the presentation.
      4. Choose Paste from the shortcut menu.
    • Click and Drag
      1. In the Slides/Outline task pane of the original presentation, click on the thumbnail version of the desired slide.
      2. Drag the thumbnail slide to the Slides/Outline task pane of the destination presentation in the preferred location for the slide.
  2. The newly copied slide will take on the design theme (PowerPoint 2007) or design template (PowerPoint 2003) of the second presentation. If you have started a new presentation and have not applied a design theme or design template, the newly copied slide will be on the white background of the default design template.