Costume Ideas by Zodiac Sign

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Hey, here's an idea for Halloween -- dress as your sign's esoteric Zodiac opposite.  Look up your sign's polarity, and see what ideas come up.

Wearing costumes is a respite from being your usual self, and in that way, it frees you from the social mask you normally wear. It takes us back to make-believe, when we became ballerinas or pirates, a big cat or mermaid. On Halloween, if we choose to, we can be whatever or whoever we want to be.

From an astro standpoint, you might dig deep into buried traits for inspiration, playing out the fantasies of your Moon, Mars or Venus.

If you're a reserved Virgo with Venus in Scorpio, for example, you may surprise friends by showing up as the spy-seductress Mata Hari. Here are suggestions for each Zodiac sign, to give life to different selves in the play of dressing up.


You'll go for the high impact look, the one people talk about long after the party. Think larger than life characters, warriors, the hero or heroine of history, or the pioneer.

Ideas: Native or Scottish Klan Chief, Roman Gladiator, Cleopatra, Annie Oakley, Serge Gainsbourg, one of the top 10 female action stars, Marlon Brando, Pele the Hawaiian volcano goddess, fire dancer.


Create a costume that engages the senses -- a dress or suit made out of bubble wrap invites touch, or you could be your favorite candy, and offer a treat from a basket.

Your tastes may veer toward the skimpy, a primal being wearing only a loin cloth or faux fir bikini. You could take a cue from nature, and be a season, tree or power animal.

Ideas: caveman or cavewoman, peacock, tycoon, cat woman, farmer or gardener, survivalist, zoo keeper, pumpkin, mud wrestler, dancer, dog whisperer, famous chef or baker.


You're a lover of novelty, and enjoy costumes that personify a current event, character or scene from a hit movie. You're liable to create a "concept" costume that involves a play on words, like dressing as a night stand to be a "One Night Stand." If you're able to pull it off, you'd love to make several costume changes in one evening.

Ideas: half-man/half-woman, magician, ballerina, pixie, playboy, bird or butterfly, dandy, fashion model, sprite, faery, used car salesman, jetsetter, town crier, the Bard.


Here's your chance to wear a literal shell, instead of just a symbolic one, as a knight, or castle princess. You may be drawn to costumes for sentimental reasons, ones that pull at your heart strings. But you're a person of emotional extremes, and this is one night to personify the full spectrum, including the dark side.

Ideas: witch or warlock, sailor, fortune teller, siren, ghost from the past in period clothes, Meryl Streep, sexy housewife, man dressed as woman.


Go over-the-top -- you know you want to! Give in to fantasies of being royalty, and don't forget the assessories like the crown, faux ermine cape and scepter.

Ideas: sunflower, matador, Carmen Miranda, glam rock star or diva, one of the supremes in gold lame, the Red Baron, Count Dracula, lion or lioness, thespian, movie star, grapes.


A costume half-knitted with your ball of yarn and knitting needles in hand.  Put an edgy spin on service oriented costume -- be a hot doctor, sexy nurse or librarian. The effect is memorable when you start out buttoned up, and end the night looking wildly undone.

Ideas: Elizabeth I (the Virgin Queen), miracle worker, french maid, an Amish person or puritan, farmer, nature goddess


You'll lean toward being part of a themed duo like Bonnie and Clyde, sheik and harem girl. If single, think high style like going as a model, socialite, dandy or International Male ala Austin Powers.

Ideas: James Bond, cruise director, Mod Style, Dreamgirl, John Lennon, designer, famous literary character or author.


You might like the idea of hiding behind a real mask, and being openly mysterious and dangerous.

It's your season, so let yourself personify extreme characters, sexuality and death.

Ideas: detective, grim reaper, vampire, pimp and/or ho, shaman, medium/psychic, undertaker, Hades or Persephone, witch.


Chances are your costume will be inspired, drawing on a visionary character or event. It's better for you to stay unencumbered so you can cover a lot ground when party hoppin'.

Ideas: Joan of Arc, Robin Hood, little devil or angel, wandering sadhu, pirate, philosopher, professor, centaur, horse whisperer, pilgrim, alpine trekker.


Go ahead and live your dreams of a being world authority. You could be a sexy sheriff or outlaw, supreme court justice or Santa Claus. Having some minions is a bonus.

Ideas: barrister, Earth mother, seagoat (now that's a costume I'd like to see), sherpa, member of the shadowy elite, traditional native elder, Gandalf, a Druid priest or wizard.


You'll bypass traditional costumes for something totally original. It might be a concept costume, made up by you for people to figure out or not.

Ideas: go go dancer, alien, sexy robot, Star Wars character, mad scientist, rebel biker, Nikola Tesla, a futurist.


Halloween is a night to play out fantasies, and you may get into the special effects. But so much swirls in your mind and heart, that there are infinite possibilities, especially of characters of the ocean deep.

Ideas: Nymph or Neptune, fairy, ghost, Alice in Wonderland, jailbird, nun or priest, monk, George Harrison, dancer.