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Why Count by Twos?

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Skip counting is a vital skill for any student to learn. You can skip count by 5s, 4s, 3s or even 10s. But, it's easiest for students to start learning to skip count by twos. Skip counting is so important that some math-education companies even produce CDs that teach students to skip count to the sounds of songs and melodies.

But, you don't need to spend a lot of money—or even any funds—to teach your children or students to skip count. Use these free printables to help students learn this important skill. They start out with simple worksheets, giving them a chance to count by twos from No. 2 to 20. The worksheets increase in difficulty with each slide, eventually guiding students to count by twos starting from seven and going up to an undefined number that they need to figure out based on the number of blank boxes that the worksheets offer.

Worksheet 1

Worksheet # 1

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Counting by twos doesn't just mean beginning at No. 2. A child needs to count by twos starting at different numbers. This worksheet provides students with practice counting by twos starting from various numbers, such as six, eight, 14, and so on. Students fill the correct multiple of two in the blank boxes provided on the worksheet.

Worksheet 2

Worksheet # 2

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Elementary Math suggests using a few different strategies to teach kids to learn to count by twos, including: using a calculator; playing a game; questioning students (as they attempt to count by twos starting at a number that you specify); using sticky notes with a 100s chart; employing sing-along songs; using manipulatives.

Pair those skip-counting activities with this worksheet that ups the challenge a bit for students, who will start counting by twos at a given number; however, they'll have to figure out what number to count to depending on the number of blank boxes given for them to write the multiples of two.

Worksheet 3

Worksheet # 3
D. Russell

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This worksheet increases the difficulty a bit for students. Students will count by twos starting from various odd numbers, which are numbers that are one greater than an even number. Of course, any multiple of two can't be an odd number, so students will need to add one to whatever odd number is given as a starting point.

So, for example, where the printable specifies that the student should count by twos starting from "one," she'll need to add one and actually start counting from No. 2. Students also still need to determine what is the final number in each row, depending on the number of blank boxes given for them to write the multiples of two.

Worksheet 4

Worksheet # 4

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In this worksheet, the difficulty level is ratcheted back just a bit. Students get a chance to count by twos starting with even numbers. So, students don't have to figure out that they would need to add one to each odd number to begin counting—as they had to do for the printable in slide No. 4. But, they do need to count by twos beginning with larger numbers, such as 40, 36, 30 and so on.

Worksheet 5

Worksheet # 5

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In this printable, students will need to start skip counting by twos beginning with either an odd or even number. They'll need to decide whether to add one to a given odd number or begin their count with the given even number. 

One problem that may prove tricky for students in this worksheet requires them to start counting from the number zero. This problem may throw students, but if it does, simply explain to them that "zero" is an even number. They would start skip counting by twos starting with "zero," such as "0, 2, 4, 6, 8..." and so on.

Worksheet 6

Worksheet # 6

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In this counting-pattern worksheet, students will continue to count by twos, starting either with an odd number or an even number. Take advantage of this opportunity to remind—or teach—students that an even number is divisible by two, while odd numbers are not. 

Worksheet 7

Worksheet # 7

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In this printable, students are given mixed practice, where they will count by twos starting with odd or even numbers. If students are still struggling with the concept of counting by twos, gather a large handful of pennies—about 100 or so—and show them how to use the coins to count by twos. Using simple manipulatives like pennies allows students to touch and handle objects as they try to learn a skill. Educational theorist Jean Piaget called this the "concrete operational stage," which generally encompasses children ages 7 to 11.

Worksheet 8

Worksheet # 8

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This worksheet offers more opportunities for students to practice counting by twos starting with either odd or even numbers. This is a great time to introduce a "100" chart—this chart, as the name implies, contains 100 numerals. The second row in the chart lists numbers that students can skip count from two to 92.

Using visual cues such as a chart ties into what theorist Howard Gardner called "spatial intelligence," which involves how an individual processes visual information. When some students can see the information, they may be better able to process it and understand the given concept, in this case, counting by twos.

Worksheet 9

Worksheet # 9

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This printable provides even more practice for students in counting by twos starting from odd or even numbers. Take the time before students complete this worksheet to explain that you can also skip count other numbers, such as five, as in: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45...100. You can use the 100 chart that you introduced with the previous worksheet, but you can also explain that students can count by fives by using the fingers on each hand, or by using nickels.

Worksheet 10

Worksheet # 10

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In this worksheet, students again count by twos, but each problem starts with an even number. To review this counting-by-twos unit, show students these free online videos from

Students will get a chance to practice counting by twos as they sing along to these songs while they watch animated characters, such as monkeys, holding up signs displaying multiples of two. Free sing-along, animated videos present a great way to wrap up your unit on counting by twos—and leave young students eager to learn how to skip count other numbers.

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