Craig Jarvis

Did you know that you can go surfing in India? Or that the world's biggest rideable wave is found in Portugal? How about the fact that some (lucky) people get paid to simply go surfing and have fun? Or the fact that under the right conditions you can pretty much surf all day and all night in Norway? Surfing is the gateway to a world of beaches, giant waves, small waves, wave pools, travel, fitness, competition surfing, world champions and people who just want to have some fun while being propelled shorewards on a board.


I was the editor of Zigzag Magazine in South Africa, was a field editor for the former Surfers Path Magazine, am a contributor to Stab Magazine, and report on the World Surf League professional surfing tour. I have written a couple of books, including South African Surf and The Bluffers Guide To Surfing.


I went to school in Cape Town South Africa, and haveĀ  been studying very hard in the School Of Hard Knocks ever since. Surfing takes me around the world. Surfing has educated me.

Craig Jarvis

"The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun"

- Phil Edwards

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