Product Review: Craig's Custom Mustang Brackets

A No Drilling Required Front License Plate Solution

Craig's Custom Mustang Brackets
Craig's Custom Mustang Brackets. Photo © Jonathan P. Lamas

Looking for a way to attach a front license plate to your Mustang without having to drill holes into your front fascia? Well, Craig’s Custom Mustang Brackets has a solution for you. Their front license plate frames require no drilling and, in most cases, can be installed in less than 10 minutes.


I'm the owner of a 2008 Bullitt Mustang. I admire every part of the car, including its clean looking front fascia.

Unfortunately, in Southern California, the law requires a front license plate be attached to your vehicle at all times. As you can imagine, I was completely opposed to drilling holes into the Mustang to attach a plate. So what’s a guy to do? Well, I shopped around, searching for a front license plate frame that required no drilling. Bottom line: there aren’t many out there, and even fewer with good reviews. Then a friend recommended I check out Craig's Custom Mustang Brackets.

A No Drilling Required Solution

Craig's Custom Mustang Brackets offers three different models of front license plate brackets for 2005-2016 Mustangs. Vehicle applications include the V6 Mustang, GT, GT/CS, Roush, Saleen, Shelby GT350, and Bullitt. 

The company offers the brackets in the following three models:

You can even opt for colored brackets such as Vista Blue, Red Fire, and Torch Red.

I selected the Flat Black Bracket for my Bullitt Mustang. The low key nature of this model made the most sense for me.



Installing the Mustang bracket was fairly simple. After reading the detailed instructions, I attached my license plate to the bracket. I then removed the two wing nuts and washers that hold the attached compression plate in place.

With a little effort, I wedged the two rubber bracket posts into position inside the front fascia. I placed a cloth between the bracket and the front of the car to avoid any scratches during install. Then I aligned the bracket to make sure it was centered, replaced the compression plate (complete with 3M tape), and locked down the wing nuts. The job was complete. Total time spent was about 10 minutes on a Sunday morning.

Craig's Custom Mustang Brackets: Final Take

I'm very pleased with this Mustang bracket. First off, I didn’t have to drill into my Bullitt Mustang to install the product. If I ever leave the state of California and move to a state where front plates are not required, I won’t have to deal with two noticeable holes in the front of my car. That, right there, makes the $44.95 I spent on the product a wise investment. Next up, the front plate can be easily removed if needed. I attend car shows from time to time. This will come in handy if when I decide to showcase my Bullitt. Finally, the product appears to be sturdy. The last thing I want is to lose my license plate when I’m cruising down the 101 Freeway in rush hour traffic. I feel confident using this bracket on my car.

Oh, and I don’t have to worry about being pulled over by the police for not having a front license plate attached to my Mustang.

To learn more about Craig’s Custom Mustang Brackets, check out the company’s official website.