Craps Proposition Bets

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In the center of the craps layout is an area where some of the most exciting bets can be made, with payouts as high as 30-1. Unfortunately, they are also some of highest house edge wagers! 

Making a Proposition Bet

To make a prop bet, you toss your chips to the stickman in the center of the table and call out the bet that you want. Prop bets can be made at any time during the game however you should make sure that you make them before the stickman pushes the dice to the shooter.

It is very bad etiquette to toss chips into the center as the shooter is getting ready to roll the dice.

One Roll Bets

The bets listed in the bottom section of the layout (closest to the stickman) are the one-roll bets. If the number you bet comes in on the next roll of the dice you win, otherwise, you lose. You can make a single proposition bet or a combination of several bets. If you are making a combination bet you will need to bet the minimum (usually one dollar) on each one. The one-roll bets you can make are:

Any Seven

A bet that the next number rolled will be a total of seven. The payout is 4 to 1.

Any Craps

A bet that the next number rolled will be a craps number. If a two, three or 12 is rolled you win 7 to 1.

Craps 2

A bet that the next number rolled will be a two. Players often call this number snake eyes and it pays 30 to 1.

Craps 3

A bet that the next number rolled will be a three. The payout for this bet is 15 to 1.

Craps 12

A bet that the next number rolled will be a 12. Players often call this number midnight and it pays 30 to 1.

Yo - Eleven

A bet that the next number rolled will be an 11. This number is usually called YO because eleven sounds a lot like seven and they want to avoid confusion. It pays 15 to 1.

If these payoffs say something like 15-for-1 instead of 15 to 1, the house edge is even higher!

You should check the odds carefully at electronic craps also.

Horn Bet

The Horn bet is a combination of four numbers, two, three, 12 and 11. You must make your bet in multiples of four dollars, one for each of the individual numbers. If any one of these numbers is rolled, you are paid the appropriate amount for the single bet minus the three dollars for the losing numbers. For example, it the 12 is rolled you would be paid 30 to 1 for the 12 but they would keep three dollars for the losing numbers of two, three and 11 and pay you 27 dollars.

Horn High

Many players who make the Horn bet prefer to wager in five dollar multiples so they will designate one number as the high number and wager two dollars on it. For example, a Horn High Yo would have one dollar on the two, three and 12 and two dollars on the 11. You can bet a Horn High Two, Horn High Three or Horn High 12.

You just tell the stickman which of the four numbers you want as your High number. If your High number is rolled you will be paid twice the payout minus three dollars for the other two losing bets. If one of the other numbers is rolled you will be paid the single payout amount minus four dollars for the losing bets, the two other single bets and your double that you have on the high number.

World or Whirl

The World-bet is not listed on the craps layout but is also a popular proposition bet. The World-bet is a combination of the Horn bet and Any Seven bet and is made in multiples of five dollars.
If the two or 12 is rolled you will be paid $26 (30 minus 4 for the losing numbers)
If the two or 12 is rolled you will be paid $11 (15 minus 4 for the losing numbers)
If a seven is rolled it is a push and because the payout for the seven is 4 to 1 and you lose on the Horn numbers.

Craps - Eleven

There are small circles with the letters C and E inside them on the craps layout surrounding the box listing the proposition bets. The C is a bet on Any Craps (two, three or 12) and the E is a bet on the 11. These are the same bets as the Any Craps and any 11 and have the exact payout. The reason that they are outside of is because many players like to make this wager on the come out roll and it can get confusing if they pile all of the money inside the proposition area.

If you look at the C and E circles you will see that there is an arrow pointing to the outside. These arrows are actually pointing to the positions at the table where the players are standing. Putting the bets in the corresponding circle makes it easier for the dealers.

Hard Ways

There are four Hardway bets listed on the craps layout above the proposition bets. The 4, 6, 8, and 10 are the only numbers that can be made by two dice showing the same number (also known as a double). When a player makes a wager on one of the Hardway numbers, the bet wins if the shooter rolls that number the Hardway (double). The bet is lost if the shooter rolls the number with a combination that is not a double (soft way) or if the seven is rolled.

If you bet a Hard Four the dice must roll as 2-2 to win. If the four is rolled as a 3-1 or 1-3 or a seven is rolled then the bet loses. In most casinos, the Hardway bets are off during the come out roll.The payouts for the Hardway bets are 7 to 1 for the four and ten and 9 to 1 for the six and eight.

The table below shows the payout and house edge for the proposition bets and you can see why smart player keep these bets to a minimum or for a small amount.There are no systems that reduce these odds.


BetPayoutHouse Edge
Any Seven4 to 116.7%
Any Craps7 to 111.1%
Craps 230 to 113.9%
Craps 1230 to 113.9%
Craps 315 to 111.1%
1115 to 111.1%
Hard 47 to 111.1%
Hard 69 to 19.1%
Hard 89 to 19.1%
Hard 107 to 111.1%