Crawford Last Name Meaning and Origin

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Derived from the Gaelic word cru meaning "bloody," and ford meaning "pass or crossing," the CRAWFORD surname is believed by most to mean a crossing of blood. Believed to be first assumed by the proprietor of the lands and barony of Crawford, in Lanarkshire, Scotland, Crawford is often a habitational name derived from several different places called Crawford (e.g. in South Lanarkshire, Scotland; Dorset, England; and Somerset, England).

A possible similar derivation for the Crawford last name comes from crawe meaning "crow" and ford meaning "pass or crossing."

Alternate Surname Spellings: CROFFORD, CRAWFFORD, CRAUFURD, CRUFORD. Also a variant of CROWFOOT.

Surname Origin: English, Scottish, northern Irish

Famous People with the Crawford Surname

  • Joan Crawford - American film and theater actress, and pin-up girl
  • Cindy Crawford - American model, film actress and television personality

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