A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Hyperlink in Dreamweaver

Put links on your web page with Dreamweaver

What to Know

  • To create a hyperlink, add and select text, open Properties, select Link, and add the URL.
  • To link to a document, in Design view, drag the file to the page, select Create a link and upload the page to your server.

This article explains how to create a link with Adobe Dreamweaver, which is available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Creating a Hyperlink in Dreamweaver

A hyperlink is a single word or a few words of text that link to another online document or webpage, graphic, movie, PDF, or sound file when you click on it. Insert a hyperlink to another online file or webpage as follows:

  1. Use your cursor to select the insertion point for the link text in your file.

  2. Add the text you plan to use as the link.

  3. Select the text.

  4. Open the Properties window, if it is not already open, and select the Link box.

  5. To link to a file on the web, type or paste the URL to that file.

  6. To link to a file on your computer, choose that file from the file list, by pressing the File icon.

If you want to make an image clickable, follow the above instructions for an image instead of text. Just select the image and use the Properties window to add the URL the same as you would for a text link.

If you prefer, you can use the folder icon to the right of the Link box to look for a file. When you select it, the path appears in the URL box. In the Select File dialog box, use the Relative To pop-up menu to identify the link as document-relative or root-relative. Press OK to save the link.

Creating a Link to a Word or Excel Document

You can add a link to Microsoft Word or Excel document in an existing file.

  1. Open the page where you want the link to appear in Design view.

  2. Drag the Word or Excel file to the Dreamweaver page and position the link where you want it. The Insert Document dialog box will appear.

  3. Press Create a link, and select OK. If the document is outside your site's root folder, you are prompted to copy it there.

  4. Upload the page to your web server, making sure to upload the Word or Excel file too. 

Creating an Email Link

Create a mail link by typing:

mailto:email address

Replace "email address" with your email address. When the viewer clicks this link, it opens a new blank message window. The To box is filled with the address specified in the email link.

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