How To Create a Hyperlink in Dreamweaver

Rob Atkins/Getty Images

A ​​hyperlink is a word or words of text that link to another document or web page when clicked on. Learn how to create one with Adobe Dreamweaver.

Creating a Hyperlink in Dreamweaver

  1. Write the text you would like to link.
  2. Select the text.
  3. Open the properties window, if it is not already open, and click in the link box.
  4. To link to a file on the Web, type in the URL to that file.
  5. To link to a file on your hard drive, choose that file from your file list, by clicking on the "File" icon (it looks like a yellow folder by the Link box).


    1. You can create a mail link by typing
      mailto:email address
      Replace "email address" with your email address.
    2. If you want to make an image clickable, follow the above instructions for your image instead of text.