Create a Travel Brochure, Poster, or Bumper Sticker

French class project idea

Creating a travel brochure, poster, or bumper sticker related to a French-speaking country or region is an interesting project for French classes or for independent studiers looking to spice up their self-instruction. This project is a short- to medium-term activity for any level of French student.


Create promotional travel item: travel brochure (un dépliant touristique), poster (une affiche), or bumper sticker (un autocollant)


  • Decide on formatting and obtain materials (e.g., cardstock, glossy paper, posterboard, blank bumper stickers)
  • Assign a French-speaking region or country to each student, or allow them to choose from a list
  • Pass out a list of required/optional elements, the desired format, and any other guidelines
  • Students create promotional item using markers, photos, etc.

  • This project can be done by individual students, pairs, or groups

    Regions/Countries: teacher can choose parent category, such as all francophone countries, only French-speaking African countries, or regions of France

    Elements: photos, drawings, statistics, why go there...

    Extensive: have students create an entire promotional campaign for the region or country by creating the full set (brochure, poster, and sticker)

    Presentation: students share their promotional items, possibly giving a short presentation on the country and/or their thinking behind the creation of their promotional item

    Francophone party: students could share a regional dish from each country, listen to music, discuss travels... - see more ideas for a French-themed celebration


    Creating a promotional item like a travel brochure, poster, or bumper sticker is a fun way to use French while simultaneously learning about the world of Francophonie. The travel items can then be displayed in the classroom or on bulletin boards to help other students learn about francophone countries and regions.

    For a more in-depth project, see Write a francophonie report or country study.

    The general idea behind this project was shared on the Profs de français forum, where French teachers from all over the world discuss everything from making lessons interesting to dealing with problem students. Visit the forum to trade ideas and tips with your virtual colleagues.