How To Create a Web Photo Gallery With Photoshop

Photoshop makes it easy to share your pictures with friends and family using the automated Web Photo Gallery command. This command generates an index page of thumbnail images with hyperlinks to all your pictures. These instructions were written for Photoshop version 5.5. Later versions introduced more templates and options, but these instructions should be enough to get you started.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: 15 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Prepare your photos for the Web by rotating, cropping, resizing, and color correcting, if necessary. Refer to the related information in the links below for tips on prepping your pictures.
  2. Places the photos you want to include in the gallery in a folder on your hard drive.
  3. Choose an empty folder or create a new one to use as a destination folder for the files created by the Photo Gallery command.
  4. Open Photoshop.
  5. Choose File > Automate > Web Photo Gallery to open the photo gallery dialog screen.
  6. Next to Source, click the "choose" button and select the folder containing your images. If the folder contains sub-folders with images you want to include, check the box to include subdirectories.
  7. Next to Destination, click the "choose" button and select the empty folder from Step 3.
  8. In the Site Name field, type a title that will appear on all the pages of your gallery. This is the text that also appears in the title bar when the page is viewed in a Web browser.
  1. If desired, fill in the Phototographer and Date fields. This information will also appear on the Web pages if it's filled in.
  2. In the Thumbnails section, choose a size for the thumbnails. The choices are: Large (100 pixels maximum), Medium (75 pixels maximum), and Small (50 pixels maximum).
  3. The Resize Gallery Images section is only required if you want to change the dimensions or compression setting for the full-size images. If you already prepped your photos in Step 1, this section can be left alone.
  1. Click OK in the photo gallery dialog.
  2. Your Photo Gallery should automatically launch in your Web browser.


  1. Photoshop creates an index.htm file and individual folders for images, pages, and thumbnails and places them in the destintion directory.
  2. The destination folder can be uploaded to your Web server as-is, or opened in an HTML editor for further editing. The UserSelections.txt file is not required and can be deleted.
  3. You can replace the home.gif, next.gif, and previous.gif icons with your own images. If you use custom icons of a different size, however, you'll need to change the height and width attributes in your HTML files.
  4. You may want to rename all your photos with a informative file name before creating your photo gallery. See the links below for more information.
  5. Photoshop creates an individual page for each picture rather than linking directly to the image. This provides easier navigation and allows you to customize the page.