Creating a Super Bowl Box Pool

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Create a 100 Box Grid

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The first thing you must do for your Super Bowl box pool is to create the boxes. This is done by drawing lines until you have 10 rows going across and 10 rows going down, for a total of 100 boxes. When you are finished, your pool should resemble the one above.

Be sure to label one team at the top of the boxes and the other team going diagonal down the left-hand side of the grid. This is so potential players know which team will correspond to each number that will be drawn. If the teams are still unknown when you create the pool, you can always identify them by league, such as National Conference and American Conference. That way everybody will know which team will go be placed where on the pool.


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Have Bettors Fill in Grid Squares

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Have the bettors fill in each of the squares and collect the money for each square. Don't spend it! It will go to the person with the winning squares.

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Draw Numbers For Each Row of Squares

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The third step is to draw numbers for each row of squares. You will draw 10 numbers across and 10 numbers going down, so that each square has two corresponding numbers. When you're finished with this step, your box should look similar to the one above.

In our image above, we see that Paul has the square that corresponds with Team A scoring 6 points and Team B scoring two points.

In football pools, just the last number of a team's score is used to determine the winning square. For example, Paul would also win the pool if Team B happened to defeat Team A by a score of 12-6 or 42-26, etc.

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Watch Game and Give Out Money to Winner

The final step of the process is by far the easiest and the most enjoyable. Just sit back and watch the game and root for your square to win.

Once the game is over, simply go the board and see who has the corresponding square and give them their money. With any luck it will be you.

Now that you know how to make your own Super Bowl box pool, there's no reason not to have some additional rooting interest on the biggest sports gambling event of the year.