Creating Comic Books 101

A Guide To Creating Comic Books

Most every fan of comics has an idea for a character, or a story with existing ones. Once you have an idea for a comic book, how do you go about creating it? Take a look at the basics of creating your own comic books, with additional resources to dig in to this wonderful and fulfilling field.
Comic books have had a long history, some of it bad, some of it wonderful. The rise, fall, and subsequent revamping of the comic book world has brought us to some interesting territory such as what is suitable for young audiences, can small press publishers make it, and the new worldwide market of the Internet. The article above goes into more detail as to how and who makes comic books. More »
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The more you find out about creating comic books, the more you will see that it takes a lot of people, or one person a lot of time, to create a comic book. There is a lot more to making a quality mainstream comic book than just drawing a picture and adding some word balloons. Most comic books today go through most if not all of these steps when being produced. The article above will take you through the process and steps of how a comic book is created. More »
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Digital VS Print

It used to be that comic books could only be read by others when it was printed on paper. Not so today. With the advances of technology and rise of the Internet, digital comic books are here to stay. You can read comics on your computer, phone, PDA, or even your TV screen. But which is better? They both have their uses, but each may serve you better in a certain situation. Find out which is king in this article that uncovers the truth between digital and print comic books.
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Creating comic book is a big business. When you are working with creators on your project, or are a creator working with a publisher, it is a good idea to have a contract written down so as to protect and spell out your working arrangement. The article above goes into detail about the kinds of contracts out there as well as some famous battles between some of today's most widely known creators and publishers.
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There are many publisher creating comic books, some big, and some small.

Large Publishers:
Dark Horse

Smaller and Independent Publishers:
Top Shelf

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The invention of the Internet has allowed many people the ability to talk about their experiences, tutor others, give theories, and guide others in the comic book creation process. There are also books and magazines that are geared to helping creators develop their skills. These lists of resources will give you more information on the comic book creation process.

Creator Resources:
General Resources
Writer Resources
Penciller Resources
Inker Resources
Colorist Resources
Letterer Resources