How to Create Your Own Radio Program in 6 Easy Steps

Take Your Ideas and Broadcast Yourself

Mixed race disc jockey smiling in studio
Marc Romanelli / Getty Images

Have you been itching to broadcast yourself? Are you thinking about creating your own radio show or podcast? Where do you begin? Right here. Accomplish it all in 6 easy steps:

1. Subject Matter: Start with Something You Love

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of program you are going to offer. Maybe you want to share a particular kind of music or you may want to do a talk show on a particular subject.

Exploit Your Own Interests and think out of the box. Read more about deciding the content of your show.

2. Internet Streaming or Podcasting: Which Do I Use?

There are more choices today for creating and distributing your own Radio program than any time in history! Anyone with a small budget can create their own Internet Radio station to air his or her own programs. Or, you can spend practically no money and Podcast. Find out the differences and clarify your direction.

3. Tools For Recording Your Radio Show

You're going to need some basics no matter what you do: a microphone, a recording application, and maybe a audio mixer or more depending on how complicated your radio show is going to be (sound effects, music, etc.). Learn a little bit about digital MP3 files, microphones, mixers, and tools of the trade.

4. Formatics: What the Heck Are Those and Why do You Need Them?

What does all this mean to you?

Well, you may envision your own radio show to be a wild ride of outrageous proportion. Great! But, remember that people are still creatures that seek out order - even in disorder. Formatics give structure to your radio show. See what this is all about.

5. Original Material, Music Royalties & Getting Guests

If you’re going to do a radio show that features music created by someone else, you will be responsible for paying royalties for the right to webcast that music.

Luckily, you can broadcast through a 3rd party like and they handle those fees. Or, you can podcast original talk material - or your music - free. Before you broadcast know your legal responsibilities.

6. Got a Radio Show or Podcast? Promote It!

Once you have created your radio show and are offering it to the world on a regular basis, you’ll probably to have as many listeners as possible. You can have the greatest product in the world but if nobody knows it's out there and where to buy it, you won’t make many sales. Some tips on getting the word out.