Necessary Events: Creation of This Earth, Adam and Eve and Their Fall

These Events Paved The Way For All of Us to Be Born Into Mortality!

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The creation of this earth, placing Adam and Eve on it and their fall was a necessary part of the Plan of Salvation (Happiness). These events allowed all of us to be born on this earth.

One of the greatest gifts from our Heavenly Father is our agency, or the right to choose. To be able to choose, we must have choices, or opposition

The Earth's Creation And All Living Things

Before we were born on earth we lived in a premortal existence with our Heavenly Father.

He presented a plan to create a world where we could be born and tested. Under His direction, Jesus Christ created the earth and placed all life upon it.

Through revelation we have additional insights about the creation which can be found in the Pearl of Great Price.

Adam and Eve: Their Lives On Earth

Life on earth began in the Garden of Eden with the creation of Adam and Eve. They were created in the image of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Adam was male. Eve was female. Gender is immutable.

Adam and Eve were given two main commandments:

  1. They were told to have children and take care of the earth.
  2. They were told not to eat the fruit of one tree in the Garden.

The Fall of Adam and Eve

After being beguiled by Satan, Eve partook of the fruit. After her, Adam did as well. This resulted in what we call the fall.

Adam and Even became mortal at this time. They had not been mortal before this. This change allowed them to be able to sin and ultimately to die.

Physical death is the separation of the body and the spirit. Spiritual death is the separation of human beings from God. Christ's Atonement healed both physical death and spiritual death

The fall was a necessary step in our Heavenly Father's plan. The effects of the fall, such as temptation, sin and physical death are an essential part of our eternal progression.

The fall of Adam and Eve was not a surprise to our Heavenly Father. He knew it would happen. He wanted it to happen. This is why Jesus was chosen as our Savior in the premortal life.

We Are Punished For Our Own Sins, Not Adam and Eve's

Adam and Eve transgressed. They did not sin. There is a difference. We do not have to pay for their transgressions or their sins, Jesus Christ did this for them.

We do not believe in the concept of original sin. We believe people are punished for their own sins, not Adam and Eve's sins or their transgressions.

This is stated explicitly in the second Article of Faith. The Articles of Faith are the best and most basic statements of LDS (Mormon) beliefs.

Our Birth on This Earth

During the premortal life, we had the choice to embrace Heavenly Father's plan for our lives or to rebel with Satan. Those who chose Satan will never have physical bodies. Those who choose Satan in this life will eventually obtain their bodies again.

Everyone born on earth chose Heavenly Father's plan and Jesus as our Savior. This is sometimes referred to as keeping our first estate.

Our second estate is this earth life, mortality. Having kept our first estate, we are now trying to keep our second by learning to use our bodies righteously, make righteous choices and repent of all our sins.

In other words, we are trying to ensure that the Atonement is activated in our lives.

This second estate is probationary. That means we are allowed time to do what we should. Death ends this probationary state. Dying means our time is up.

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