Creative Strategies to Energize Your Students

energize your students
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Sometimes it is necessary for teachers and/or principals to find ways to energize students. Motivation comes in many forms. One of the biggest motivational tools used by teachers and principals comes in the form of offering themselves up as a sacrifice for the delight of their students. All students love to see their teachers or principal suffer a little.

This form of motivation has become a massive hit for fundraisers and academic challenges across the country.

Many students will go the extra mile to see those in charge do something extreme, disgusting, ridiculous, or funny. These events can also provide your district with some positive local media coverage.

Teachers and principals should set high, but realistic goals for their students to reach. Each teacher and principal is different. Some are willing to do more than others. The exciting thing is that there is a large list of motivational ideas from which educators can choose. Each of them requires varying levels of commitment from the teacher or principal, but all of them can motivate students to try a little harder than they typically would.

Here is a list of fifteen motivational ideas. However, this list is by no means comprehensive. Humiliation and motivation come in many forms.

Condiment Spray – Get sprayed with ketchup and mustard at an assembly. Each student that reached a predetermined level within the challenge has a turn to spray you.

Duct Tape Dare – Get duct taped to a flag pole or to a wall in a high traffic area in the school such as the cafeteria. All students that reach a predetermined level within the challenge earn the opportunity to add a new strip of tape. Spend a lunch period or the entire day there. If you truly want to garner interest, allow them to tape you to something during an athletic event.

Dunk Tank – Set levels of goals that allow students to earn multiple throws throughout the challenge. To make it extremely intriguing, conduct this challenge in the middle of winter.

Dress Up – There are many ways to go with this one. Students will go absolutely crazy to see a male teacher or principal wear a dress, wig, and makeup or vise versa for a female principal. Another form of this challenge would allow the student body to select some crazy outfit for you to wear for a day such as a giant hot dog, a chicken, a whoopee cushion, etc.

Eat Something Disgusting – You better pass on this one if you have a weak stomach. There are all kinds of disgusting things for you to eat. The list includes hot sauce, anchovies, earthworms, goldfish, cockroaches, grasshoppers, etc. The kids will go crazy while you try to muster enough strength to swallow it down. If you throw it back up, they will love it even more.

Kiss an Animal – This one has probably been the most popular and most overused motivational strategy. However students still love to see their teachers or principal kiss a frog, pig, sheep, cow, etc. If the animal kisses you back, the student body will love it even more.

Pie in the Face – Each student that reached a predetermined level within the challenge has a turn to pie you.

Be sure to wear protective eye wear if you decide to do this one. It is also beneficial to note that students are not going to throw them. They are going to come up and smear them all over your face and in your hair. They want to make the biggest mess possible.

Ride a Bull – This one takes a lot of courage from the teacher and/or principal. It is also one that shouldn’t be done without proper training and supervision. Students will love to witness their teacher or principal getting thrown from a crazy bucking bull.

Shave Head – This one requires someone who is not worried about how they look. Give your top earners a chance to be a part of the shaving process. Students love to see teachers or principals lose their hair. If you wanted to let them have fun with it allow them to give you either a mohawk or a reverse mohawk for a day before it is totally shaved off.

Sing Karaoke – Perform a rap or karaoke in a student assembly. To fire up the student body, add some cheesy choreography dance routine to it. Talk some other teachers into being back ground dancers and your students will not soon forget. Allow the student body to vote on the song that they want you to perform.

Sky Dive – This is another one that takes a lot of courage. Students will be hyped up to see you jump out of a plane. Make sure that the entire experience is video taped so that they can see your face when you jump out. If you can not take the entire student body to the sky diving place, try to make arrangements to land on school grounds. No matter what, be sure that students think you are terrified of heights. This will add an extra dimension of excitement for the students.

Sleep on the Roof – This one can be quite a bit of fun for everyone. Spend twenty-four hours on the roof of your school if your student body reaches a lofty goal. Have the student body present when you climb the ladder to the roof and when you come back down twenty-four hours later. Make sure you are well prepared for visitors throughout the night who might throw water balloons, honk horns, bring you food, or just come by to say hi.

Taser Challenge – This one is probably the most extreme on this list. Be sure to consult a professional and a doctor before attempting this. Your student body will go absolutely crazy for the opportunity to see you dropped to the floor by a Taser. The experience will likely be one that you will not forget either.

Tricycle Challenge – Use a tricycle around campus for a day if students reach a certain level. Make sure that you make yourself visible that day. Students will get a kick out of seeing you cruise the hallway on your little trike.

Water Balloon Pelting - Each student that reached a predetermined level within the challenge has a turn to throw water balloons at you. They can throw them individually, or they may throw them in small groups. Make sure that you get balloons that will pop on contact.