Crying Baby Ghosts

This is my true ghost story. I was about 14, and my best friend Missy was about 17. We lived in a very small town in northern Michigan. I stayed overnight at her house on the weekends often. We would usually play cards, watch TV, or go for walks around the small lake that was the central part of our small town.

I heard her tell a story to her parents, other friends, and she would tell it to me often, too.

"I heard the babies crying again last night," she said. She would describe hearing babies cry outside her bedroom in the hallway. Always at night. Her bedroom was the only room on the second floor. To get there, we would go up the stairs, turn to the right, and walk down a hall parallel to the staircase to get to her room at the end of the hall.

I heard her tell this story many times, and I did not disbelieve her, I just listened, and thought, Hmm, that's weird, I guess.

Missy and I were not the type of people to gossip or make up things, and I couldn't see her making up this story to get attention or anything, but I would usually just dismiss it, and we'd go on about our day. Until one night, when I heard them for myself.

I slept on a pile of blankets and pillows -- a blanket nest -- at the end of her bed. We just turned out the light and said goodnight to each other. About one minute later, I began to hear a baby crying.

I said, "Missy! I hear them!"

She said, "Don't worry, it will stop soon." So I didn't worry. I just listened. The sound went from one baby crying to maybe three, then it sounded like it went back down to one baby crying, then back to multiple babies crying. It went like this for maybe four or five minutes.

It was quite awhile, and I remember thinking to myself, in some what of an annoyance, "When will this stop?" because it seemed to be lasting for a quite a while.

When it finally ended, I think I said something like, "I don't hear them anymore." She replied something I don't remember, but we just went to sleep. Ever since then, I believe in ghosts. Not only because I actually heard them myself, but because we both heard them at the same time, and because I had heard her tell the story so many times before. It was very strange, to say the least!

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