The Crying Ghost

On multiple occasions, Jackie hears the unmistakable sound of crying... but from where?

The experiences I'm writing about happened to me twice, many years apart.

The first event was back around 1981 when I was a teenager, maybe 16 years old. I was at my home, in Burnaby, B.C., Canada. I was alone outside on the back deck reading a book and fully engrossed in it. Slowly, I started to become aware of a strange noise that seemed to be getting closer.

It sounded somewhat like an animal crying but also sort of human, like a little kid. Kind of a crying, whimpering sound, but not a sound I could identify.

I finally put down my book and started looking over the deck into the yard to find the source of this strange sound. The weird thing is the noise became louder and closer sounding, but nothing appeared to be making the sound. It sounded as though whatever was making the noise was only a few feet away but nothing was there.

I started to get a bit spooked at this point, got my dog and went down into the yard to investigate. When I got to the front yard, the noise stopped. I started looking around, but there was nothing to be seen, at least by me. However, my dog certainly seemed to see something in the flower bed next to the house. She started barking and growling with her hackles raised, but nothing was visible to me. I even pushed all the plants around, thinking there must be a small animal hiding there.


I thought this was really unusual and could find no explanation for it but since it stopped, I sort of forgot about it. Everything seemed back to normal until later that night. I was watching TV in the living room with my mom and sister, when we heard the strangest noise at the window. It sounded as if someone had taken a wet hand and slowly ran it down the glass, making a squeaky type of noise.

It scared the hell out of me. My mom and sister were spooked as well. None of us wanted to look outside to see what had made the sound. Finally, we made my dad look outside and nothing was there. The noise was blamed on kids playing a prank on us, even though that had never happened before or since.

Fast forward to 1997: I'm now living in a different house in Surrey, B.C., with my husband and 10-month-old son. We had been in the house for about four months. I, my son, and the cat were the only ones in the house at the time. My son was in the living room with baby gates stopping him from crawling into the other rooms. I went into the kitchen to do something at the sink when I started to hear this weird crying sound again.

My first thought was that something was wrong with my son, as that was not his normal cry at all. I went to look and saw that he wasn't making any sound at all. The noise was not coming from him. The sound was getting louder as I stood at the top of the stairs.

The noise seemed to be traveling from the ground level and up the stairs. I could hear the sound as it passed by me, went through the kitchen, to the back door, and then stopped. It reminded me of the sound I had heard back in 1981.

Another strange thing is that even after the sound stopped, my cat was freaked out about that kitchen door for the next few days. He was scared to go through it, even though he had been using it since we moved in. A weird little coincidence I would like to mention is that a similar thing happened many years earlier, to my grandparents, back before they were married, around 1932.

They had a similar experience in my great-grandparents house, which was located on a farm, near Winnipeg, Manitoba. My grandparents were sitting at the kitchen table one evening when a crying sound started moving around the table. They followed the sound outside to the barn where it eventually stopped. No explanation could be found. It seems to me that all these events are related. Perhaps my family is haunted by a crying ghost?

I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience or has any explanation for it.

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