Cryptids, Monsters and Weird Creatures - 1

The number and variety of strange creatures that people report seeing is astonishing. Of course, it's possible that they are misidentifying known creatures, but what if only some of these sightings are accurate? Here are reports of cryptids, monsters and other strange creatures.

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Alien Worms

Nicholas and his brother find load-breathing worms with teeth.

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Alien Worms Redux

"We noticed these odd pinkish-grey "worms." Some had fallen out of the palaverti tree. These worms, vuvelzela-shaped, with sharp teeth, were in trees and crushed under rocks...."
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Another Creepy Creature

"I hadn't climbed as high as the other two girls and was looking in an easterly direction when I spotted a very skinny, lanky, very pale-skinned, naked-looking creature with long, skinny, rubbery arms and legs, with a disproportionately large bald head walking upright and very slowly in a southerly direction approximately 15 to 20 metres away in the bush...."
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Another Striped-Tail Cryptid Sighting

"It had a face that I would describe as a cross between an armadillo and a wild boar, yet smaller in size, if you can imagine that...."
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Another Two-Dimensional Being

"The thing was very tall, taller than a man, and black. Most startling of all was that it was in two dimensions, like a projection without a screen...."
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Banshee Vision

"She held in her left hand an old fashioned wash board. I wondered who she was; she gave me a big smile and faded away...."
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The Beast of the Moor

"They were almost like giant human hand prints in the snow, with deeper indentations at the fingertips, as if the creature had been gripping the snow...."
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Beautiful Banshee

"This time we saw a beautiful young woman in a yellow and green flowing dress. The only frightening parts were her face and hands...."
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Bizarre Australian Creature

In 1999, Jessica sees a strange, small blue creature in the shrubbery.

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Cartoon Trademark Vision

"Amongst the bottles was a creature that appeared to be made of fire...."
"We all looked back and what we saw behind us was terrifying: a pure black dog with gleaming red eyes -- almost like a Rottweiler, but more demonic...." More »
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Cornfield Creature

Out in a Minnesota cornfield, Frank sees something about the size of a small child, skinny, pale that moved in a jerky gait, like someone dancing the robot badly.

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The Creature By the Shed

"It took me a couple of seconds to realize what it was. It was two eyes. Two big really, red glowing eyes...."
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The Creature from the Ditch

"As soon I began to turn back onto the road from the shoulder, my headlights shone over the ditch and picked something up on the other side of the road, about a foot from the asphalt...."
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Creature of Fear

In 1989 in Columbus, Ohio, D.E. was surprosed by a creature with small yellow spots and a described as a fat alligator.

"After five minutes of yelling, we walked back over to the Jeep. This is when things got really weird. The moment I turned on my flashlight I could see a pale, thin, naked "thing" (I refuse to call it human) peering at us from behind a tree...." More »
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Creepy Lake Man

"His skin was the dark yellow color, the kind of yellow you see when you mix brown and yellow together...."

At a cabin in the Canadian Rockies, Jonny is terrified by a creature whose skin was too tight for his body; he could see all of its organs bulging through its skin. More »

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The Crow Killer

In 1961, Rene says something attacked a pet crow in a cage... and it had a knife.

Sophie is terrified by a small, hunched over, hairless, bald and wrinkled thing. More »

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Cyclops of the Dark

Cathy woke up one night with something staring at her. It was about 3 to 4 feet tall and had a huge head with a tiny white "eye" in the middle.

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The Dark Thing

When she was five, Ylissa says she encountered a creature that looked like a giant beetle.

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The Demon of Tullichewan Castle Woods"

"It was a big, dark, broad, hairy creature with white eyes -- and it was staring right at us! It was easily ten feet tall and was around six feet wide...."
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Devil Dogs

"That morning, I saw in the newspaper that a woman was attacked by two huge black dogs while she was at her job in an office building...."
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Don't Mock Ikuhikimiaq

"It is called Ikuhikimiaq because it crawls by the use of its knees and elbows (Ikuhik = elbows.) It is said if you don't believe in Ikuhikimiaq and mock it, it will come after you to scare you. That is just what I did...."
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The Duende

Mister X and his cousins spotted an elf-like creature and threw rocks at it.

Mike says that when he was 7 he saw a human-sized Easter Bunny in his bedroom. More »

A driver encounters a being dressed all in black — and had no face! More »

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Fat Little Shadow Beings

As a 9-year-old living in Douglas, Arizona, J. awoke to see several small beings about 10 inches tall.

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The Fish-Man Entity

"I looked up a little more and saw something that still haunts my mind to this day. It looked like a mix between a fish and a human. It had the head of a rotten catfish, a human body...."
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Freaky Alien Robot Bug

"After we'd done our business, we were washing our hands when we heard this creepy electronic-type noise. It sounded like 'kiiiiiilllll... kiiiiiilllll...' repeated over and over again...."
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Followed by the Banshee

"After a few minutes, she heard the shriek again, and she said that it sounded like it was coming from directly behind her...."

In a town in Northern Ireland, Robert hears the dreaded banshee following him. More »

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Forest Cryptid

In a forest in Indiana, Joanna sees a tall creature that dives into the grass and starts to slither like a snake.

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While hiking in the Arashiyama area outside of Kyoto, Japan, Bryan encountered an old man with a long white beard... but he might have been something else. More »

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Furry Creature Report

Stephen recalls a news reports about a household that saw a strange, black hairy or furry creature coming down their stairs and running out of their front door.

Beltran was brushing his teeth when he saw a gigantic bat with a 6-foot wingspan! More »

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Giant Raptor Witnessed by 5

On the edge of Charlotte Harbor in Port Charlotte, Florida, 5 people see a huge bird with a 12- to 16-foot wingspan.

Louigi investigates a creature that the dogs have cornered -- and it was glowing. More »

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Goat Man Encounter

In Shafter, Texas around 1964, George tells the story of a hitchhiker with goat's feet.

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Gremlin on the Dresser

When he was a boy in Scottsdale, Arizona, Wayne and his mom both saw the figure crouched on all fours on top of a dresser.

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The Grunting Thing

In Hayle Towans, Cornwall, England, Stewart is chased by something grunting and whining.

"I heard him turn the squeaky doorknob and heard him shuffling to my bedside. He was making soft grunting noises...." More »
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Harbinger for Truckers

While driving north on I-81 in Tennessee, Jeff a huge creature with silver-blask hair dash in front of his truck.

"Then a large, dog-like animal slid easily out from under it, its spine scraping against the bottom of it. The thing was incredibly skinny and every bone in its spine stuck out prominently, but its ribs did not...." More »
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Huge Beast in Queens

In the middle of Queens in New York, Capo saw  a large, furry creature running on four legs along 100th Avenue.

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Invisible Sprinting Humanoids

In November 2009, Cassandra saw strange, silvery human figures running up and down the street.

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I Shot a Strange Creature

In Janesville, Minnesota a hunter says he shot a cat-like creature whose paws looked like hands.

Ryan and his friend in Portland, Oregon see an incredible creature that they say was at least 7 feet tall. More »

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"As I drove further, I caught a glimpse of what looked like a person standing on the side of the road...." More »
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Laughing Vulture

In Olathe, Kansas, Laurie saw a vulture-like bird on the roof of a nearby building -- and it laughed.

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Little Hairy Creatures of "A" Mountain

At the top of the hill in Tuscon, Arizona, J. saw these little creatures, problably between a foot and 9 inches tall.

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Mexican Tongue Monster

Adam and his family find a very strange, cartoonish creature on a Florida beach.

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More true tales of weird creatures

Many more true storoes of encounters from our readers.

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Sabre tells of a weird, dangerous creature in the woods along the Red River. More »

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Mystery Cat of Susquehanna County

L.G. reports the sighting of what might have been a jaguar in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

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Nighttime Creatures

"My earliest memories of seeing these creatures are from elementary school. I would and still do lie awake for hours on end because I heard them all over...."
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Odd, Terrifying Encounter in the Fog

"Standing in the middle of the road on a patch of grass was a frail (as though the clothes where placed over a coat hanger), abnormally tall person (at least 7 feet tall) in a pea coat with his arms outstretched...."
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Oklahoma Mystery Beast

"He jumped in an old pickup truck. He said that thing -- whatever it was -- scratched the truck up. Those scratches I saw with my own eyes...."
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Owl People

Claudia and her boyfriend see 6-foot creatures with owl-like eyes.

In southeastern Washington, Magi sees a dark, shadowy something that moved like a hyena. More »

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Pig Lady

"Then, all of a sudden, there was a bolt of lightning and I could have sworn, in that split second, that I had saw someone standing in that window...."
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The Pontianak

Mimi tells a creature in Malaysia -- the pontianak, something like a female vampire who usually squats on tree branches.

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Primehook Swamp Creature

Helen was driving in Broadkill Beach, Delaware around dusk in July 2007 when she encountered a 3-foot-tall creature with long legs, tan body, flat, almost puggish face, and a long tail.

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The Rabbit Eater

While out bow hunting in the woods, this reader saw a fast-running thing chase down a rabbit and start to devour it.

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Red-Eyed Roadside Cryptid Creature

In Vidor, Texas, Britton is startled while driving by a red-eyed creature that stood about 5 feet tall and sported black hair all over its body.

First Vicki sees strange-acting orbs, then her mother saw a little red-eyed thing about 1 foot tall, sitting on her bed. More »

In Phoenix, Arizona in the mid-1990s, Styles sees a kid-sized creature with big glowing yellow eyes. More »

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Skinwalker in Idaho

"Five minutes later, we heard the bushes moving; we then saw wolf-like figures walking about 20 yards away...."
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Skinwalker Newlywed

"She lay down for a bit. When she woke up, it was dark but she noticed an enormous figure looming in the doorway, staring at her...."
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Skinwalker's Visit

"My grandma then told him to get off her roof and leave her alone. Surprisingly, he listened to her and jumped off the roof, running in a southern direction as he did so...."
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Something Evil in the State of Denmark

"I turned around slowly, and what I saw still haunts me. I saw a very big, jet-black dog 'thing'...."
"Then we saw something moving. It looked like a grey, stone-like biped thing, carrying something really heavy on his shoulder...." More »

 In Ontario, Canada, sees a tall white creature run past his window with its arms flailing above his head. More »

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Strange Sump Pump Creature

"It stared at me as I stared back at it. It cocked its head to one side as though trying to size me up, if you will. It had an absolutely intelligent look about it as though thinking, 'Uh-oh. You caught me'...."
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Tree People of Maine

"Suddenly, Anne yelped, 'What the hell is that?' I turned and saw a skinny, slimy, brown creature staring at us...."
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Thing on the Roof

Near La Mesa, New Mexico in 2008, Syn sees a creature on a nearby roof devouring a small animal.

The creature returns around midnight, and this time he gets a good look at its face. More »

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Thing with Wings

"Suddenly, as I was watching TV, I saw these white, transparent wings, flapping, but floating downward from the wall where the picture hangs...."
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Vanishing Birthday Critter

In Central New Jersey, Rich is having a smoke when he sees a creature that he mistakes for a cat, but then it vanishes.

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Unknown Creature at the Pond

"I saw something very tall, greenish brown colored step over a four-foot fence and disappear into the trees about 50 feet in front and to the left of my van...."
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Triangle Man

As a child, Corinne and her twin sister remember a man they called the "Triangle Man" come into their room at night and terrify them.

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Weird Creature at the Fence

"As we waited there, we heard loud panting coming from the little alleyway. It was easy to discern that the panting was coming from a rather large creature...."
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Vintage Wendigo Family Tale

"The tracks eventually stopped, and the creature had vanished; they were left mystified and scared out of their wits...."
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Weird Creature in the Garbage Can

"I slowly opened the lid and there was a pitch-black -- I mean, so black it shined -- ten-foot centipede without legs, just in one lump, intertwined on the top of the garbage, but moving...."

At first this witness thought what he was seeing was just a plastic bag... but it wasn't. More »

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The Woods Helper

In rural Banks County, Georgia, Rick saw a hairy and muscular biped of some sort stacking wood.

Adam and his friend are frightened by a strange human-kangaroo creature. More »
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Bad News Brings Out the Gargoyles

After a boy receives a bad news phone call, gargoyles appear to torment him.

"The moment I turned on my flashlight I could see a pale, thin, naked "thing" (I refuse to call it human) peering at us from behind a tree." More »

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Encounter with Sun Valley Creature

Awakened by a disturbance, Lonnie sees an unidentified, 10-foot-tall creature.

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Shadow Demon Dog

Two kids are terrified by a demon dog coming in the window.

Friends ascend a mountain on a moon-lit night and encounter a strange creature. More »
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Out of Place Mandrill or Baby Bigfoot

Out of Place Mandrill or Baby Bigfoot: Whatever it was, it was a mysterious creature.
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Giant Spider-like Creature

Giant Spider-like Creature: A family sees a huge, dark thing with lots of legs crossing the road.
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Creature Claws Beneath the Door

Creature Claws Beneath the Door: Small, hairy hands and arms scratch beneath a basement door.

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Phantom Big Cat in the Kitchen

"Under the table was a huge black cat-like creature staring at me with overly huge glowing green eyes. It barely fit under the table it was so huge, just sitting there staring at me."

She looked in the rear view mirror and the dog stood up on its hind legs and walked across the road! More »

"On my bed frame at the bottom of my bed was this another creature. Its arm were spread along the frame and it was staring at me, mocking me, it seemed." More »

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Part 2 of Cryptids, Monsters and Weird Creatures

Even more true stories of weird encounters with strange creatures.