Crystal Gems Guide for 'Steven Universe'

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Crystal Gems on 'Steven Universe'

Amethyst, Garnet and Pearl
Crystal Gems 'Steven Universe'. Cartoon Network

is an animated series, created by Rebecca Sugar, that has surpassed my expectations. It has a mythology as complex and mysterious as Adventure Time, with as much silly humor as The Amazing World of Gumball, and as much heart and character as .

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Steven Universe centers on Steven, a little boy who is being raised by Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl, the Crystal Gems, who are women with super powers who come from space. These Crystal Gems came to Earth to defend the planet from the Gem Homeworld invasion.

Each Crystal Gem has a unique personality and the ability to magically summon something. Scroll through the slideshow to find out more about each Crystal Gem on Steven Universe.

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Garnet 'Steven Universe'
Garnet 'Steven Universe'. Cartoon Network

Garnet is the coolest Crystal Gem on . She is certainly the largest of the main three. She is the unofficial leader in her group. Her special weapon is the one-two punch of her giant fists (or gauntlets) that she can call on as needed. Her Gems are embedded in the palms of her hands.

Important Episodes

In "Future Vision," Garnet shows Steven what Future Vision is, and how it allows her to see all the possible ways the future can unfold, depending on the small decisions and actions of people in the present.

In "Jailbreak," we find out that three-eyed Garnet is actually a Fusion of Ruby and Sapphire. Also in "Jailbreak," Garnet raps a song called "Stronger Than You" during her boss battle with Jasper. (Garnet is voiced by Grammy award-winning Estelle.) See "Stronger Than You" on YouTube.

In "Love Letters," Jamie the postman develops a crush on Garnet and sends her a love letter.

In "Cry for Help," Garnet and Pearl Fuse into Sardonyx in order to take down the transmission tower, which is broadcasting Peridot's message.

In "The Answer," we find out that Sapphire fused with a Ruby who helped her escape from the tyranny of the Homeworld gems.

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Amethyst 'Steven Universe'
Amethyst 'Steven Universe'. Cartoon Network

Amethyst (Michaela Dietz) is the rebellious Crystal Gem on  who just loves to have fun. She and Steven have a special relationship because she is more like a kid than Garnet and Pearl. Her special weapon is a whip, or two, that she extends from her hands. Her Gem is embedded in her chest and she frequently shape-shifts.

Important Episodes

In "Giant Woman," Amethyst fuses with Pearl to create Opal (guest voice Aimee Mann), an enormous Fusion with four arms.

In "Coach Steven," Amethyst and Garnet fuse to create Sugilite (guest voice Nicki Minaj).

In "On the Run," we find out that Amethyst was grown in a cavern on Earth. She is not a natural Gem, like Garnet and Pearl, which is why she is frequently angry or jealous of the others.

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Pearl 'Steven Universe'
Pearl 'Steven Universe'. Cartoon Network

Pearl (Deedee Magno) is the uptight Crystal Gem on  who lays down the law and follows the rules. She was Rose's most trusted friend and seems to know secrets the other Gems don't. She summons a spear as her special weapon. Pearl can also project holograms from her Gem, which is embedded in her forehead.

Important Episodes

In "Giant Woman," when Steven begs, Pearl Fuses with Amethyst to become Opal (guest voice Aimee Mann), a huge Fusion with four arms and long hair.

In "Steven the Sword Fighter," we watch Pearl retreat into her Gem to heal after she is injured.

In "Cry for Help," Garnet and Pearl Fuse into Sardonyx in order to take down the transmission tower, which is broadcasting Peridot's message.

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Rose Quartz

Lion 'Steven Universe'
Lion 'Steven Universe'. Cartoon Network

Rose Quartz was Steven's mother on , but she died when Steven was born. (Actually, she gave up her physical form in order to give birth to him.) He inherited her Gem, which resides in his navel. Rose Quartz could call on plants to help defend her, and heal others with her tears.

Important Episodes

In "Steven's Lion," Steven meets a pink, magical lion who becomes his friend. (It is strongly suggested that Lion is the spirit of Rose Quartz.)

In "Rose's Room," Steven discovers a magical room in the temple that provides him with whatever he wishes.

In "Lion 3: Straight to Video," Steven discovers that Lion's mane is a magical storage space.

In "Rose's Scabbard," after Lion finds Rose's scabbard (pictured), Pearl takes Steven to the place where he can find her sword.

In "Story for Steven," Steven's dad, Greg, tells Steven about meeting Rose when she came to his rock concert.

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'Steven Universe'
'Steven Universe'. Cartoon Network

Steven Universe is a sweet, optimistic kid with a big heart. Steven is also the newest Crystal Gem. He is unique, however, because he is half Gem and half human. He inherited his mother's Gem when she died. He is learning what his Gem can do, including giving him healing tears and projecting a powerful shield.

In the first official episode, "Gem Glow," we find out Steven loves Cookie Cat ice cream sandwiches.

His best friend (and crush) is Connie, whom he fuses with by accident in "Alone Together."

Steven tries shape-shifting in "Cat Fingers," but winds up making his fingers into, well, cats.

He and his father, Greg Universe, have a saying, "If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs."

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More Crystal Gems on 'Steven Universe'

Crystal Gems 'Steven Universe'
Crystal Gems 'Steven Universe'. cartoon network

Other Crystal Gems have visited Earth on , either to befriend Steven's Crystal Gems or to battle them.

In "Mirror Gem," we meet Lapis Lazuli, who is trapped in a mirror until Steven releases her. In "Jailbreak," Lapis fuses with Jasper to become Malachite in order to drag Jasper to the bottom of the ocean and save Steven.

Peridot is one of the invading Gems from the Homeworld. In "Warp Tour," she disables the warp pad with one of her devices. In "The Return" and "Jailbreak," she works with Jasper to defeat the Gems on Earth. After enraging Yellow Diamond, she is now one of the Crystal Gems.

Jasper is a huge, strong Gem from the Homeworld who wants to destroy Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst. In "The Return," she uses a Gem destabilizer to split Garnet in half. She can summon a helmet during battle.

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