'CSI: Mismi' Cast and Character Profiles

Just tuning into CSI: Miami for the first time? No worries, we've put together a handy guide with descriptions of each of the main characters to help viewers get better acquainted with this excellent forensic drama series.

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David Caruso as Horatio Caine

David Caruso
Photo: Andrew MacPherson © CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.
As a former homicide detective, Horatio leads the team with his knowledge of the inner workings of the anatomy of a crime before it heads to the lab for dissection. On a personal level, Horatio has a teenage son (Kyle) he didn't know about until season 6. After several run-ins with the law, Horatio put Kyle to work as an intern in the morgue. You can always count on some sort of corny sentence from Horatio as he puts his sunglasses on right before the opening credits of each episode.

Emily Procter as Calleigh Duquesne

Emily Procter
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Each member of the CSI team brings to the table some sort of special skill. As the resident blonde beauty, Calleigh brings with her a specialty in ballistics. Although she seems to have a knack for choosing the wrong man, her love life appears to have taken a turn for the better now that she is involved with her colleague Eric Delko.

Adam Rodriguez as Eric Delko

Adam Rodriguez
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As an underwater recovery expert, Eric certainly knows his way around the depths of Miami, but he is equally as talented in navigating his way straight to Calleigh's heart. On the family front, Eric has had his share of heartache. His sister, who had just married Horatio, was murdered and his real father happens to be one of the most dangerous men in Miami.

Jonathan Togo as Ryan Wolfe

Jonathan Togo
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A former patrol officer, Ryan's specialties lies in blood and trace evidence. Ryan has a gambling problem, which actually cost him his job at one point. Trust is a difficult thing to regain, but Ryan managed to slowly gain back the trust of his colleagues by constantly proving himself in the field.

Rex Linn as Det. Frank Tripp

Rex Linn
Photo: Robert Voets/©CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.
No forensic lab would be complete without the help of those dedicated men in blue out there on the job every day. As the folks in the lab work their magic, Frank plays a vital role in solving the crimes and putting the bad guys behind bars.

Megalyn Echikunwoke as Dr. Tara Price

Megalyn Echikunwoke
Photo: Eric McCandless/CBS ©CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.
While the CSI's work on solving their cases, one of the most important aspects of their investigation is knowing the exact cause of death and that's where Dr. Tara Price comes in handy. As the coroner, Tara is as thorough as they get, but she clearly has some skeletons buried deep in her closet that we have yet to uncover.