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CSULA Admissions Standards

Cal State Los Angeles GPA, SAT and ACT Data for Admission
Cal State Los Angeles GPA, SAT Scores and ACT Scores for Admission. Data courtesy of Cappex.

Cal State Los Angeles, one of the 23 schools in the California State University System, accepts about two-thirds of all students who apply. The bar for admission isn't unreasonably high.

Students must complete all required A-G college preparatory high school classes with grades of "C" or higher in each one. The mimimum high school GPA is 2.00 for California residents and 2.45 for non-residents or those who didn't graduate from a California high school.

Freshmen applying the CSU system calculate their Eligibility Index using SAT score or ACT score and GPA. Some programs and majors at Cal State L.A. are impacted and there are supplementary admission criteria for those programs. You can check their website for the currently impacted programs. Examples from a recent year are Biology, Business Adminstration (Accounting, Management, and Marketing Management), Criminal Justice, Nursing, Psychology, and Social Work. Child Development was impacted but then was removed from the list. Impaction occurs when there are more applicants than slots for a program.

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Cal State Los Angeles Admissions Graph

In the graph above, the green and blue dots represent accepted students. Most successful applicants had GPAs over 2.6, SAT scores (RW+M) of 850 or higher, and ACT scores of 16 or higher. However, note that there are a few spots of red (rejected students) in the middle of the graph. Some students with grades and test scores on target for CSULA still get rejected.

Unlike the University of California System, the California State University admission process is not holistic. Except for EOP students, applicants do not need to submit letters of recommendation or an application essay, and extracurricular involvement is not part of the standard application. Thus, the reason why an applicant with adequate scores and grades would be rejected tends to come down to a couple factors such as insufficient college preparatory classes or an incomplete application.

The University notes that 60 percent of freshmen are first-generation college students.

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