How to Conjugate the Irregular French Verb 'Cuire' ('to Cook')

'Cuire' is so irregular, you just have to memorize its conjugations

Cuire, meaning "to cook, bake and burn," is a highly irregular French -re verb that doesn't follow regular conjugation patterns. Within irregular French -re verbs, there are a few verbs that demonstrate patterns, including verbs conjugated like prendre, battre, mettre and rompre, and verbs ending in -craindre, -peindre and -oindre.

'Cuire' is Highly Irregular

Conduire, to the contrary, is one of those very irregular French verbs with conjugations so unusual and unwieldy that they don't fall into any pattern.

They are so irregular you just have to memorize them to use them correctly.

These very irregular -re verbs include: absoudre, boire, clore, conclure, conduire, confire, connaître, coudre, croire, dire, eacute;crire, faire, inscrire, lire, moudre, naître, plaire, rire, suivre​ and vivre. 

The table below shows the irregular simple conjugations of cuire. Note that the table does not include compound conjugations of cuire, which consist of a form of the auxiliary verb avoir and the past participle cuit


There are several more highly irregular verbs ending in -uire; they are all conjugated like cuire. These include:

  • conduire > to drive
  • construire > to build
  • déduire > to deduce
  • détruire > to destroy​
  • éconduire > to dismiss
  • enduire > to coat
  • induire > to mislead
  • introduire > to introduce, insert
  • instruire > to instruct
  • luire > to shine
  • nuire > to harm
  • produire > o produce
  • reconduire > to renew
  • reconstruire > to rebuild
  • réduire > to reduce
  • reluire > to shine
  • reproduire > to reproduce
  • séduire > to seduce
  • traduire > to translate


  • faire cuire quelque chose > to cook something
  • cuire à feu doux ou petit feu > to simmer
  • cuire à gros bouillons > to boil hard/fast
  • poulet prêt à cuire > oven-ready chicken
  • faire cuire à feu vifto cook over a high flame
  • faire cuire quelque chose au four > to bake something
  • J'ai trop fait cuire les légumes. > I've overcooked the vegetables.
  • Tu n'as pas fait assez cuire la viande. > You've undercooked the meat.
  • laisser quelqu'un cuire dans son jus (familiar) > to let someone stew in his/her juices
  • Va te faire cuire un œuf ! > Get lost!
  • Je l'ai envoyé se faire cuire un œuf. (familiar) > I sent him packing.
  • On cuit dans cette voiture. > It's boiling hot in this car.
  • Les yeux me cuisent. > My eyes are burning / stinging.
  • Il vous en cuira.You'll regret it.
  • pommes à cuire > cookling apple

Simple Conjugations of the Irregular French Verb Cuire


 PresentFutureImperfectPresent participle
ilcuitcuiracuisaitPassé composé
nouscuisonscuironscuisions   Auxiliary verb avoir
vouscuisezcuirezcuisiez   Past participlecuit
 SubjunctiveConditionalPassé simpleImperfect subjunctive
tucuisescuirais   cuisiscuisisses
(nous) cuisons