Cures and Strategies for Senioritis

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You may have first experienced "senioritis" -- that strange funk and apathy you feel your senior year, where all you can think about is getting out of school -- in high school. Senioritis in college, however, can be just as bad, if not worse. And the consequences can be more permanent and severe.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can conquer your senioritis and turn your senior year of college into one of great fun and great memories.

Take a Class Just for Fun

Your first year or two, you were probably taking your prereqs. Then you focused on taking classes in your major. If you have the time in your schedule, try taking a class just for fun. It can be on a topic you always wanted to learn more about (Modernist Poetry?) or something you think will help you in your post-college life (Marketing 101?). Just go for a class that appeals to you because it's interesting, not because of what it can add to your already rigorous courseload. Let your mind enjoy the class for what it is, not because you have to be there.

Take a Class Pass/Fail

This option is often underused by many college students. If you take a class pass/fail, you can relax a bit on your grade. You can focus on other things and reduce a little bit of stress on yourself. Talk to your professor, your advisor, and/or the registrar about what your options are.

Do Something in the Arts

Did you always want to learn how to paint? Play the flute? Learn modern dance? Let yourself splurge a little and indulge in a desire you've kept hidden until now. After all, after you graduate, taking fun classes like these is going to be much more difficult. Letting yourself do something just for fun, and because it fulfills a creative desire, can be incredibly rewarding -- and a great cure for the boredom and routine that might be coming from your other classes.

Do Something Off Campus

Chances are you've been in a little bubble on your campus for several years. Look past the campus walls and see how you can help the surrounding community a little. Can you volunteer in a women's shelter? Help at a homeless organization? Pass out food to the hungry on Sundays? Giving back to the community can really help you gain your perspective, will help improve the community around you, and can re-energize your mind and heart. Additionally, getting off campus at least once a week can do your body good.

Challenge Yourself to Try Something New Every Week

Chances are, you're feeling apathetic and suffering from senioritis because your life is very routine. Fortunately, you're on a campus where new and exciting things are happening all the time. Challenge yourself -- and some friends, if you can -- to try something new every week on campus. Go to a cultural dinner for a kind of food you've never tried before. Go listen to a speaker talking about a topic you could learn a little more about. Attend a film screening for a movie you might have otherwise passed on.

Make a New College Memory Every Week

Look back at your time in college. Sure, the things you've learned and your in-class education has been important. But just as important can be the memories you've made with other people along the way. Aim to pack as many as you can into your senior year. Try new things, grab some friends, and see what memories you can make with each other.

Take a Mini-vacations with Your Friends or Romantic Partner

You're in college now and practically (if not actually) an independent adult. You can rent a hotel room, travel on your own, and go where you want to go when you want to go there. So book a mini-vacation with some friends or with your romantic partner. It doesn't have to be far, but it should be fun. Escape for the weekend and let yourself enjoy life away from school for a few days. Even if you're tight on money, there are tons of student travel discounts you can use along the way.

Do Something Physically Active

Feeling apathetic can manifest itself physically. Challenge yourself to do something physical, like take an exercise class at the campus gym or join an intramural sports team. You'll improve your physical health, be able to work your stress out and increase your energy. (Not to mention, of course, that you'll tone up and feel more confident!)

Mentor a First-year Student

It can be easy, during your senior year, to forget all that you've learned and what it was like as a new student on campus. Additionally, it can be easy to forget how fortunate you are to make it through -- not everyone who starts their first year makes it all the way through to their senior year. Consider mentoring a first-year student in an on-campus mentoring program. You'll regain some perspective, realize how well-off you have it, and help someone else out along the way.

Start a Freelance Business Online

The news is full of tiny start-ups that start in college residence halls everywhere. Consider what skills you have, what you're good at, and what you like to do. Setting up a website that advertises your services is easy and doesn't cost much money. You'll gain energy as you focus on a new project, maybe earn some extra cash, and get some experience (if not clientele) that you can use after you graduate.

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