How to Cuts Cords of Fear with Archangel Michael

Ask the Angel Michael to Use His Sword of Truth to Empower You with Courage

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Fear can make you feel tied up like a prisoner. Archangel Michael has the power to cut cords of fear away from you so you can live with the courage God wants you to enjoy. Jan Mammey/Stock4B/Getty Images

Whenever you feel afraid of someone or something, the negative energy of that fear enters your soul through spiritual portals called etheric cords. If you pray for help to overcome fear, Archangel Michael can cut the cord through which the energy of fear is coming into your life. Michael, God’s top angel, and the blue light ray angels who work with him often help people break free from fear and develop stronger faith.

Here’s how you can ask Michael to use his sword of truth (the metaphysical energy of his authority) to cut cords of fear in your life:

Confess Your Fear

The first step is to face your fear and acknowledge it in prayer. What, exactly, is making you feel afraid? Be honest with yourself, God, and Michael about what scares you, and ask Michael to help you understand why you're feeling that way. Although you can’t usually see the metaphysical etheric cords attached to you except through clairvoyance, you can feel the effects of the different types of energy that pass through these portals. Fear makes your body, mind, and spirit feel weighed down by a heavy burden. That's a signal that you should pray about what you're feeling for insight into the problem.

Invite Michael to Intervene in the Situation

No matter how overwhelmed you feel by fear, it's no problem for Michael to handle. But since Michael never forces his help on anyone, you must ask him to intervene in the situation with his power to help you break free of fear.

So invite Michael to get involved. Doing so is as simple as saying a prayer to him. Even though Michael is always busy as God's angelic leader, he is never too busy to help you, because Michael and other archangels have the God-given power to respond to multiple prayers from people around the world simultaneously.

Michael's help is just a prayer away.

Ask Michael to Dissolve the Root of the Negative Energy

Spiritually, fear enters your life because of negative energy. Everything in the universe vibrates to a certain frequency of electromagnetic energy, and the lower the vibrations, the farther they are away from God (who has the highest frequency of all). Whatever has caused the fear you feel is something unhealthy that has pulled your attention away from God.

Ask Michael to show you exactly what is at the root of your fear. Is it a mistake you've made that now makes you feel afraid in that part of your life? For example, if you yelled at someone and said things during an argument that you regret, you may now be scared of talking with that person again because you're afraid of what he or she thinks about you and afraid of experiencing more conflict in that relationship. Is someone else's unhealthy attitude or action toward you that's causing your fear? For instance, if your former spouse betrayed you and you all divorced, you may be afraid of dating from now on for fer of getting hurt again.

Are you baffled by what's really at the root of your fear? A general sense of fear without any clear cause is a possible sign of a spiritual attack from demons (fallen angels).

Michael can enlighten you about any spiritual warfare between good and evil that may be affecting your life and give you strategies to get rid of demons who may be sending the energy of fear in your direction.

Once you've identified the root of the fear you're feeling, ask Michael to dissolve the negative energy that grew the cords of fear in your life. Michael will respond in two ways: He will do his part in the spiritual realm by sending positive energy your way that will overpower the negative energy, cutting fear cords away from you like a powerful sword. Michael will also guide and empower you to overcome fear with faith, helping you see God's perspective on whatever has made you fearful, so you can approach that situation with courage from now on. This will often involve letting go of anger or anxiety that's fueling your fear, as well as pursuing forgiveness.

Ask Michael to Fill the Void with Positive Energy

Breaking free from the fear that has previously tied you up like a prisoner will be a relief. But cutting the cords is only part of the deliverance process. It's also important to prevent new fear cords from growing around you and burdening your soul. Michael can help you with that, as well.

Ask Michael to fill the void left by the negative energy he helped eliminate from your life with positive energy that will inspire you to place your trust in God to help you face anything scary you may encounter in the future. Ask him to help you develop new habits that will help you grow to become a more courageous person, such as trying something new often and spending more time in prayer or meditation. Turn to Michael regularly for fresh doses of inspiration to strengthen your faith and give you the peace you need to face any kind of fear with courage.

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