Cutting Activities to Support Fine Motor Skills

Puzzles, Art Projects and Cutting Activities to Support Cutting

One of the important "learning to learn skills"  is using scissors.  Often the parents of children with disabilities keep the scissors away from their children because they fear that they might hurt themselves or be destructive.  And of course, without supervision, they will.   At the same time many children with disabilities, children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Cognitive Disabilities often develop fine motor skills and strengts after their typically developing peers.

Of course, creativity is important, but without the motor skills to cut, to hold a paint brush or manipulate a pencil, students with disabilities cannot be successful.  Structured projects that help students create a product they can be proud of.

An early intervention student uses special scissors. Websterlearning

Cutting helps build fine motor skills and strength.  This article describes the many ways that your students can build these skills for success in academic setting. More »

Looped scissors like these are self opening, and a valuable tool for a child learning the fine motor skills needed for. Websterlearning

This collection of three pdf's provides practice for your students with cutting on straight lines.  These include balloon, flowers and kites.  You students color the balloons, etc., and the cut the strings/stems.  Not only doe they practice cutting, they learn to rotate the paper with their non-dominant hand. More »

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Cutting Curved Lines

Curved Cutting Flowers
A worksheet for cutting curved lines. Websterlearning

This collection has curved rather than straight lines.   These puzzles will ask your students to step up their skills a bit more.  Once again, they will need to rotate the paper with their non-dominant hand.

A Valentine Teddy Cupid for Valentines Day. Websterlearning

These three cutting puzzles for Valentines Day give your students practice in cutting and assembling the pictures.  Simple four piece puzzles, these should be accessible to your most disabled students.  More »

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Cutting Puzzles for St. Patrick's Day

The St. Patrick Puzzle. Websterlearning

St. Patrick's Day, like all holidays, is a good theme to get students cutting simple four piece puzzles.   These three puzzles of St. Patrick, a Leprechaun and a Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow will engage your children.  

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Easy Cutting Puzzles for Christmas

Christmas Elf
A Christmas cutting puzzle of an elf. Websterlearning
These four and six piece cutting puzzles give your students a worksheet to with squares they can cut out and reassemble to make the pictures.  Students are always fired up for Christmas and the pleasure they get from doing these puzzles will multiply the effectiveness of the cutting practice. 
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Cutting Activities for Thanksgiving

Turkey Cutting Activity
A completed turkey cutting activity for Thanksgiving. Websterlearning

Thanksgiving is another favorite season, as for most children it represents the gateway to Christmas.  These traditional designs encourage not only cutting but also helps build vocabulary. 

A girls and her dog enjoy the fireworks in this cutting puzzle. Websterlearning

If your students are participating in an extended school year program, you will want some cutting activities for the Fourth of July. This article includes free printable pdf's of a patriotic wind sock, this firework cutting puzzle, a fife player, and a picnic place setting to add favorite picnic foods from a second printable pdf. More »

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Free Printable Christmas Dot Art Projects

Christmas Tree Dot Art
A Christmas tree made with a dauber and cut out by the students. Websterlearning

These three fun cutting and dot art activities are great for students with emerging cutting and fine motor skills.  Even your most disabled students may be able to complete these fun projects with the right kind of adaptive tools, like a stationary scissors, or strapping the dot art daubers to their hands.  Add glitter and cotton (for Santa's beard

Clown Wig
Choosing and assembling the clown face. Websterlearning

This fun cutting project lets your students choose which clown face, which wig and which hat they would like.  These curved corners will challenge your students to rotate as they cut, as well as developing executive function, as they plan.  More »

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Cutting Puzzles for an Ocean Unit

the completed puzzle
The Completed Image. Websterlearning

These cutting puzzles are perfect accompanying the preschool early intervention unit on the ocean.   Your students will get lots of practice form these easy four tile puzzles.

Cutting Is a Pivotal Skill

Pivotal skills are those that open lots of other skills. This will help your students build executive function, follow multiple step directions and to visualize a finished activity.