Cynthia Astle

Cynthia B. Astle is a professional journalist and editor whose work in religion writing has won many national and international awards over the past 25 years. Her religion credentials include certification as a lay speaker in The United Methodist Church and membership in the Order of Saint Luke, a dispersed monastic association of men and women devoted to liturgical scholarship and sacramental life.


In addition to a 40-year career traveling the globe to report on religion, Cynthia is the author or editor of four books: Faithfully Yours, a compilation of spirituality columns by the writers of the United Methodist Reporter; Believing Is Seeing, co-written with W. Ginger Everitt, on the power of belief in life success; God Trusted a Woman: Leadership Lessons from the Life of Dr. Frances M. Alguire, First Laywoman to Head the World Methodist Council; Visible Witness: A Journey of Love and Justice, co-edited with Karel Holloway, on the 50-year history of socially progressive St. Stephen United Methodist Church in Mesquite, TX. Currently she serves as Editor of The Progressive Christian, a multimedia forum for socially concerned Christians and other religious leaders.

Cynthia Astle

I love exploring history, possibly because my journalism career has been so concerned with documenting history-in-the-making. I particularly love Biblical History because understanding the social context of the Holy Bible provides insight into today's social issues.

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