6 Creative Dads Who Used Photoshop to Win at Parenthood

These funny dads took their family pics to the next level, thanks to Photoshop.

We all know that the photo editing software Photoshop has unlimited potential for humor.  Whether it's crafting the latest funny web meme, participating in a Photoshop Battle on Reddit, or just good old fashioned Photoshop trolling, there are lots of different opportunities to create hilarious images that just beg to be shared all over the internet.

Parents who know how to use a camera and Photoshop together also have the pleasure of having adorable, funny little people living right in their homes with them. Cute kids make for terrific pictures! Here's what happens when creative fathers who have great senses of humor decide to get a little funky with those boring old family photos.  Meet six creative dads who, let's face it, are funnier than thou. 

Copyright Dave Engledow.

Dave Engledow wanted to create a funny photograph that his infant daughter would someday enjoy.  Instead, he created a juggernaut of hilarious images that swept sites like BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, Facebook.  Eventually, this talented dad's funny and creative work lead to a book deal with Gotham Books.

According to Amazon:

"Merging a Norman Rockwell aesthetic with a darkly comic sensibility, Dave pairs each side-splittingly funny image with a log entry describing the awkward situation that the World’s Best Father has found himself in. Readers of Sh*t My Dad Says and Awkward Family Photos will devour the artful and hilarious Confessions of the World’s Best Father." 

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Man vs Baby
Via Facebook/ Man vs Baby. Matt Coyne

When Matt Coyne's wife Lyns headed back to work after having their son, Charlie, Matt did what any doting husband and father would do: He started a Facebook page to keep his wife (along with their friends and family and now, the world) up to date on how father and son were getting along during the day. Of course, the boring old truth would never do, so Matt got creative and started 'shopping Charlie into hilariously inappropriate situations!  From skydiving to drinking pints at the local strip club, little Charlie is having lots of Photoshop adventures. You can follow their fun on their Facebook page. More »

Via Reddit/Imgur.

Redditor baronvongrant started off with one photo of his adorable baby daughter, and then he decided to add one part humor, and two parts cheesy Sci-Fi.

The resulting pictures of his cute kid edited into Star Wars, The Matrix, Iron Man, Harry PotterThe X-Men movies, and more, made the rounds on Reddit and Imgur.  Will she become the next Business Baby or Pajama Kid?  Only time will tell.

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Emil Nystrom's Daughter Can Fly, Defy Gravity

Copyright Emil Nystrom Photography.
Emil Nystrom, an advertising and portrait photographer from Sweden, decided to get creative with photos of his infant daughter, Signhild.  Nystrom posed his daughter in a series of funny and unexpected scenarios, like hanging from a tall shelf, fixing a car engine, and using a Samurai sword whilst hovering in mid-air. The results are professional quality shots that look surprisingly real, though physically impossible.


Copyright John Wilhelm.

Swiss IT Director John Wilhelm is one of the most recent dads to gain big web exposure by creating funny Photoshopped pictures of his daughters.  Wilhelm does these quirky, fairy tale-based images just for fun, and each image has a great surreal quality to it.  Also, Wilhelm's daughters never fail to amuse with their precocious, wide-eyed facial expressions. More »

Copyright Jason Lee, 2013.

 Jason Lee, a Bay Area photographer, started Photoshopping pictures of his two daughters in order to bring some good humor into his sick mother's life.  His mother had been fighting cancer, and couldn't spend time in the same room as germ-ridden children, so Lee decided to create some fun and unique photos for his mother.  Little did he know that doing so would cause a media frenzy online. More »