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Holistic Healing Lessons
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Twelve months of daily lessons are indexed here (3 months of links per page). You can also click from one page to the next using the "Healing Lesson of the Day "dated" Navigation" that I have input on the individual pages. These can be found either near the image associated with the lesson or at the end of the article/lesson. 

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DayJanuary Lessons
January 01Recycle Your Old Winter Coat
January 02Inch Your Waist Away
January 03Honoring You!
January 04Lucky Bamboo
January 05Ask Believe Receive
January 06Tarot Suits and the Four Elements
January 07What is Automatic Writing?
January 08Sei Hei Ki
January 09Laughing Buddha Game
January 10Sage Advice for Consulting a Psychic
January 11Root Chakra Meditation
January 12Huna Principles
January 13Neurobics: Exercises for Your Brain
January 14How to Live Better
January 15Stitching Therapy
January 16Retire Your Tired Clothes
January 17You Are a Beautiful Work in Progress
January 18It is Okay to Lean on Somebody
January 19Rebooting Your Brain Power
January 20Telepathy Takes Two
January 21How to Write Prosperity Affirmation
January 22Pity Party Indulgences
January 23Clear Your Sinuses with a Neti Pot
January 24Chalkboard Eraser Visualization
January 25Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone
January 26Amitabah Increases Chi Energies
January 27Dreamcatcher Charms
January 28White Light Visualization
January 29How to Make a Holistic Health Kit
January 30Get Out of Town
January 31Sekhmet, Egyptian Goddess of Healing


DayFebruary Lessons
February 01There Are No Wrong Choices
February 02Groundhog Spirit Guide
February 03Do You Eat the Albedo? You Should
February 04Multi-tasking is a Myth
February 05Good VS Bad Karma
February 06Story Time for Your Inner Child
February 07Stop and Smell the Roses
February 08Wiggle Your Toes
February 09Return to Sender with Love
February 10Gratitude ABC's for Insomniacs
February 11What is Ringxiety?
February 12Be Your Own BFF
February 13Why Souls Swap Places
February 14Happy Valentine's Day
February 15Solar Plexus Meditation
February 163 Stages to Walking the Labyrinth
February 17Healing with Lavender
February 18Memories Journal
February 19Stop the Blame Game
February 20Pay Abundance to the Order of You
February 21Healing and Ritual Use of Sweetgrass
February 22What is Chinese Cupping?
February 23What is Faceology?
February 24Color Your Day Fun
February 25Choosing Your Tarot Signifier Card
February 26Movie Therapy
February 27Talking Stick
February 28Kirtan Kriya
February 29Take a Leap of Faith


DayMarch Lessons
March 01Puppet Therapy
March 02How to Use a Prayer Wheel
March 03Cho Ku Rei
March 04QiGong
March 05How to Make Stinging Nettle Soup
March 06Infinity Exercise
March 07How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Number
March 08Get Your Ducks in a Row
March 09What is Taught at Mystery Schools?
March 10Gold or Silver?
March 11Reiki Creed
March 12What is Medical Graphology?
March 13Acupressure for Headache Relief
March14What is Kirlian Photography?
March 15How to Plan Your Pity Party
March 16What is a Psychic Attack?
March 17Protective Shamrock Amulet
March 18Answers Come in Silence
March 19Ileocecal Valve Syndrome
March 20Foods that Fuel Your Chakras
March 21Scrape your Tongue
March 22How to Make Your Own Facial Scrub
March 23Eat Root Vegetables
March 24Unwind Your Robot and Awaken Your Senses
March 25What is Barrida?
March 26Holding Hands
March 27Illuminate Your Intentions
March 28Om - Affirmation of the Divine Presence
March 29Nurture Your Friendships
March 30Medical Intuitives
March 31Accepting Delays in Your Life

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DayApril Lesson
April 01Tarot: The Fool
April 02Natural Care for Your Dog's Itchy Skin
April 03Tongue Exercises
April 04New Perspectives
April 05Moisturizing Hair Treatment
April 06Feed Your Famine Gene
April 07Growing Your Tree Roots
April 08Home Remedies for Burns
April 09Wish Yourself an UnBirthday
April 10Feng Shui Garden Path
April 11Meaning of the Clairs
April 12Basic Holistic Health Checkup
April 13Park Bench Meditation
April 14Smoothies in a Hurry
April 15What is a Walk-in?
April 16How to Start Up a Reiki Business
April 17Pranic Healing
April 18Gone Fishing
April 19Treasure Your Friends
April 20Dance Like No One is Watching
April 21Home Remedies for Leg Cramps
April 22Don't Skip Meals
April 23What is the Violet Flame of Transmutation?
April 24Cancel & Delete Negative Thoughts
April 25At a Crossroads: Decision Making
April 26How to Make Herbal Tinctures
April 27Lemonade Therapy
April 28What is a Zafu?
April 29Tea Bag Remedy for Tired Eyes
April 30Precious Moments


DayMay Lessons
May 01Adult Play Dates
May 02Are You Getting Enough ZZZZZs?
May 03Harvesting Herbs
May 04Ways to Boost Your Metabolism
May 05Oatmeal Your Mother Never Made
May 06The Power of Having Clear Intentions
May 07Emotional Eater's Food Diary
May 08Floatation Therapy
May 09Stress Reducing Breath Chant
May 10Planting Tips for a Children's Herb Garden
May 11Pay it Forward
May 12What is Tasseography?
May 13How to Use Discernment
May 14Reiki is NOT a Religion
May 15Purr-fect Healers
May 16Are You a Grudge Holder?
May 17What is Psychometry?
May 18Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk
May 19What Are Soul Agreements?
May 20Chinese Health Balls
May 21What is Laughter Yoga?
May 22Medicine Wheels
May 23Can-Do Attitudes
May 24Phone Home
May 25Create a Wonderment Collage
May 26Emotional Check List for Healthier Relationships
May 27What is Childhood Imprinting?
May 28How to Do Donna Eden's Hook Up
May 29Longevity Tips
May 30What is Radiesthesia?
May 31Dandelion Wishes


DayJune Lessons
June 01Angelic Technique for Cutting Cords
June 02Visualize Red
June 03What Does it Mean to Be a Flexitarian?
June 04Magical Mugwort
June 05Projection of Reiki Energies (Past & Future) 
June 06Looking Backward for a Glimpse Forward
June 07Intentional Reiki Pre-Treatments
June 08Swapping Positive Perspectives
June 09Love the Planet
June 10Chronic Pain Caregiver Tips
June 11Clear Mental Fatigue with Acupressure
June 12Smile Therapy
June 13Less Talking, More Walking
June 14Send Yourself a Love Letter
June 15Aromatherapy VS Flower Essence Therapy
June 16Common Smudging Herbs
June 17What is Clown Therapy?
June 18Therapeutic Effects of Humming
June 19Epsom Salt Energy Cleanse
June 20Be Kind
June 21Summer Solstice
June 22What Are Rainsticks Used For?
June 23How to Make Mint Herb Sun Tea
June 24Respecting Personal Boundaries
June 25Herbal Tea for the Tummy
June 26Sound Therapy with Gongs
June 27Myth About Scabs
June 28Walking Extra Steps Exercise
June 29Never Go to Bed Mad
June 30Just Say No

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DayJuly Lessons
July 01What is a Reiki Circle?
July 02Waiting in Line: Think of it as a Mini-Vacation
July 03Sandcastles and Mud Pies
July 04Celebrate You!
July 05Creating a Negative Free Zone in Your Home
July 06Don't Ignore Your Pain
July 07Obstacle or Opportunity?
July 08Cool Down Fast Cooling Tip
July 09Singing in the Shower
July 10Look Listen Love
July 11Unconditional Love
July 12Careful with Your Sharp Tongue
July 13Reiki is Not Massage Therapy
July 14Talking to Your Plants is Therapeutic
July 15Worry is Mis-focused Creativity
July 16Venting Your Rage
July 17Shielding Exercise for Empaths
July 18Expressing Your Joy
July 19Pulling the Plug on Your Stresses
July 20Accept Change
July 21What is a Reiki Healing Tower?
July 22Organic Food Labels
July 23Spending Obsessions
July 24Gratitude Journal
July 25What is NLP?
July 26How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency
July 27What is Dowsing?
July 28What is Watsu?
July 29Whip Up a Honey and Egg Mask
July 30What is Feathering?
July 31Brown Rice Crystal Cleansing Technique


DayAugust Lessons
August 01Taming Your Reactions
August 02Top 5 Back Pain Therapies
August 03What is Bibliomancy?
August 04Singing Bowls
August 05The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back
August 06Power Napping
August 07BodyTalk Therapy
August 08Body Images
August 09Herbal Bee Sting Remedy
August 10Ayurvedic Daily Routine
August 11Easy Math for Counting Calories
August 12Misery Loves Company
August 13Acupressure for Treating Nausea
August 14Keys to Unlocking Your Dreams
August 15Caduceus Symbol
August 16How Trustworthy Are You?
August 17Green Burials
August 18What We Learn Today We Can Teach Tomorrow
August 19Chamomile Bedtime Bath Treatment
August 20Jewelweed: Herbal Remedy for Poison Ivy
August 21Anger Management Remedies
August 22Oak Tree Tooth Care Remedies
August 23Greek Snake God of Healing
August 24Get Off Your Duff
August 25Witch Hazel Healing Applications
August 26What is Kinnick Kinnick?
August 27InSightful Affirmations
August 28Lucky Jade Money Magnet
August 29Angelic Gift from the Kitchen
August 30Butterfly Release Ceremonies
August 31Ebb and Flow


September Healing Lessons of the Day

DaySeptember Lessons
September 01Who Are the Lightworkers?
September 02Mandala Assessment Research Instrument
September 03Sake Bath Treatment
September 04Importance of Having a Healthy Dose of Skepticism
September 05Getting Your Mind Off Your Hot Flashes
September 06What is Medical Makeup?
September 07Open a Window
September 08How to Do an Aromatherapy Patch Test
September 09Learning How to Listen to Animals
September 10Chakra Zen Incantations
September 11Praying with the Intention of Gratitude
September 12What it Means When You are Nude in a Dream
September 13Healing Benefits os Sweat Lodge Ceremonies
September 14NIA Dance Movement
September 15What is Iridology?
September 16Mail Sorting DeClutter Tip
September 17What is the Grinberg Method?
September 18Metta Practice
September 19Self Growth Affirmations
September 20How to Practice Automatic Writing
September 21How to Communicate with Trees
September 22Reiki Charged Crystals for Use in Surgery
September 23Organize Your Magazines
September 24What Does Synchronicity Mean?
September 25Believe in Your Dreams
September 26How to Be Sensitive to Scent Sensitives
September 27Ayurvedic Herbal Support: 5 Balancing Herb
September 28How to Make Ginger Root Tea
September 29Fitting in Has its Own Risks
September 30Natural Crystal Deodorant

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DayOctober Lessons
October 01The Heart of Breast Cancer
October 02It's Not About You, Or is It?
October 03Random Acts of Kindness
October 04Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss
October 05Gassho Ritual
October 06How to Make a Castor Oil Pack
October 07Types of Hydrotherapy
October 08Is Retail Therapy a Real Therapy?
October 095 Layers of the Human Energy Field
October 10Hugs and Shrugs
October 11Honeybee Therapy
October 12Worry Dolls
October 13Spiritual Name Changes
October 14In with the New, Out with the Old
October 15Setting a Healthy Table
October 16New Moon Manifestation Ritual
October 17Meridians: Qi Pathways
October 18How to Change a Nasty Habit
October 19Didgeridoo Sound Therapy
October 20Lypossage
October 21Are You a Chronic Excuse Maker?
October 22What is Timeline Therapy?
October 23Homepathic Bird Remedies
October 24How to Awaken Your Muse
October 25Rescue Remedy
October 26How to Cleanse and Clear Your Healing Crystals
October 27What is Light Language?
October 28Be Wary of Energy Suckers
October 29Ruby Red Slippers
October 30Sound Healing Involves Listening
October 31Channeling the Spirits via Seances


DayNovember Lessons
November 01Fast Flu Facts
November 02Arc Therapy
November 03Criticism Bites!
November 04Don't Begrudge Paying Your Bills
November 05Hamsa Protective Amulet
November 06Plugging into Your Soul Source
November 07Spirit Keepers
November 086 Tastes of Ayurveda
November 09How to Namaste
November 10Primary & Secondary Types of ESP
November 11Meridian Tapping Techniques
November 126 Steps to Attaining a Perfect 10 Body Image
November 13Shrinking Box Visualization
November 14Belly Fat: Are You at Risk?
November 1510 Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Funk
November 16What is Message Therapy?
November 17What Does it Mean to Co-Create?
November 18Do-over Please!
November 19What is a Natal Chart?
November 20Merkaba: Sacred Meditation Tool
November 21What to Do When Life Throws You a Curve Ball
November 22Root Causes of Illness
November 23Chakracises
November 24How to Break the Habit of Attracting Negatives
November 25What is the Hara Line?
November 26Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie Recipe
November 27Steps for Manifesting Your Ideal Mate
November 28Reading Between the Lines
November 293 Causes of Mental Clutter
November 30Empath Remedies


DayDecember Lessons
December 01Purple Plates - Positive Energy Tool
December 02What is the Earth Star Chakra?
December 03Answers to Your Smudging Questions
December 04Shamanic Sound Makers
December 05Alcohol Free Flower Essences
December 06Healing Holiday Scents
December 07Full Moon Ritual
December 08What is Hilot?
December 09Letting Go Affirmations
December 10Ten Ugliest Character Flaws
December 11Laserpuncture
December 12Heart Connection Exercise for Couples
December 13Reiki for Babies and Toddlers
December 14Psychic VS Intuitive
December 15Work Burn Out / Managing Job Stress
December 16Energy Treatments Given Over Long Distance
December 17Consumer Guide to Psychics and Oracles
December 18Quickie Reiki Session Instructions
December 19Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy
December 20How Salt Crystal Lamps Work
December 21Fun with Fortune Cookies
December 22Nose Bleed Prevention and Treatment
December 23Hosting a Reiki Share
December 24Treating Toe Nail Fungus with Tea Tree Oil
December 25A Woman's Weightloss Plateau
December 26What is Core Energetics?
December 27Tridoshas
December 28Crystal Attraction
December 29Dreamwork & Art Therapy Activity
December 30Setting Manageable Goals for the New Year
December 31What to Expect from a Palm Reading


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