Dance Recital Must-Haves

10 Items You Can't Forget

Backstage. Photo © 2007 Treva Bedinghaus, licensed to, Inc.

Backstage at a dance recital is chaotic. In all the confusion, many parents find themselves rushing home for forgotten items, trying to make it back in time for the performance. Stay relaxed by remembering to bring the following 10 items to the recital.


  • Extra Tights
    Bring an extra pair of tights in each color you need for the recital. Runs in tights are visible on stage.


  • Bandages
    You'll be glad you have extra bandages when an unexpected blister (or two) appear at the last minute. Make sure you have the clear variety, as colored ones will be visible through light-colored tights.


  • Hangers
    Bring a hanger for every costume you have and hang them up as soon as you have a chance to avoid wrinkles. Oh, and don't forget to bring the costumes.


  • Safety Pins
    Pack a small supply of safety pins in various sizes in case you need to do some last minute costume alterations or repairs.


  • Baby Wipes
    Baby wipes are great for quick clean-ups or make-up fixes.


  • Snacks
    Pack a few nutritious snacks for hungry dancers. Good choices include granola bars, grapes and small crackers.


  • Pain Reliever
    Bring a pain reliever for your child (and one for you, too.) Unexpected muscle aches and headaches can spoil a special recital.


  • Clear Nail Polish
    Clear nail polish can save a run in tights from getting out of hand. Apply a small amount to the run or snag as soon as it appears. (Better yet, bring that extra pair of tights.)


  • Make-Up
    You will want to retouch make-up immediately before going on stage. Be sure to use lipstick and blush in the colors suggested by the teacher.


  • Camera
    Last but not least, don't forget the camera. Even if cameras are not allowed in the auditorium, you will want to capture those candid backstage moments.