Dancing Ghost Halloween Science Magic Trick

Simple Science Magic Trick

Make a paper ghost dance in the air as if by magic!
Make a paper ghost dance in the air as if by magic! This is a great educational Halloween science project. Anne Helmenstine

This Halloween, make a paper ghost dance in the air, as if by magic! This is a simple and educational holiday science project.

Dancing Ghost Materials

Light-weight paper works best for this project, such as tissue paper, paper towels, toilet paper or printer paper.

  • paper
  • scissors
  • balloon

Make the Ghost Dance!

  1. Cut a ghost shape out of the paper. If you can't cut out a ghost or draw one freehand, search Google images for "paper ghost cut-out" and print a pattern.
  2. Blow up the balloon and tie it off.
  3. Rub the balloon on dry hair.
  4. Slowly edge the balloon toward the paper ghost. You can make the ghost move in response to the balloon and even make it dance in the air.

How It Works

When you rub a balloon on your hair, some of the electrons from your hair move over to the balloon, producing a charge of static electricity. The electrons have a negative charge. They are attracted to objects that have a positive electrical charge, like paper. Even though static electricity is invisible, it is powerful enough to draw the paper toward it. When the paper and balloon come into contact, the charge is neutralized and the paper falls back down.

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