Days of the Month in Japanese

Japanese Calendar

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Want to know how to say which day of the month it is in Japanese? The basic rule for dates is number + nichi. For example, juuichi-nichi (11th), juuni-nichi (12th), nijuugo-nichi (25th) and so on. However, 1st through 10th, 14th, 20th and 24th are irregular.

Japanese Dates
1st tsuitachi 一日
2nd futsuka 二日
3rd mikka 三日
4th yokka 四日
5th itsuka 五日
6th muika 六日
7th nanoka 七日
8th youka 八日
9th kokonoka 九日
10th touka 十日
14th juuyokka 十四日
20th hatsuka 二十日
24th nijuuyokka 二十四日
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