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An Idol Rocks:

Rockers are a relatively rare breed among American Idol alumni. Constantine Maroulis and season 4 runner-up Bo Bice are two names that immediately come to mind, but they have failed to make a major national impact following their moments in the American Idol spotlight. However, season 5 has given us Chris Daughtry, a man who can already be mentioned in the same breath with Kelly Clarkson when discussing post-Idol success.

Formation of Daughtry:

Before Chris Daughtry's surprise early elimination from American Idol, rumors were rampant about an invitation for him to join the rock band Fuel as lead vocalist. After leaving the competition, Chris Daughtry quickly announced that he had turned down the Fuel offer which opened the door for formation of his own band. Before American Idol, Chris Daughtry was lead vocalist for the band Absent Element, but his recording contract with RCA Records entailed building an entirely new band with the following members.

Chris Daughtry - Lead Vocals:

The American Idol audition was not Chris Daughtry's first attempt to compete in a national talent contest. He failed in auditions for Rock Star: INXS. Daughtry's performance of the Box Tops classic "The Letter" at American Idol auditions didn't wow everyone. He only made it to the next round via a split decision. Simon Cowell voted against sending him on. Fortunately, Simon's initial opinion proved wrong.

More Chris Daughtry:

Joey Barnes - Drums and Backing Vocals:

Prior to being drafted into Daughtry, Joey Barnes was the veteran of a number of bands. He played drums for McLeansville, North Carolina's Stuck Without A Voice following a stint with Patrick Rock Band. Later Joey Barnes was lead vocalist for the band Suicide Darlings out of Greensboro, North Carolina. He hails from a family with an extensive musical background so performing music in his blood.

Brian Craddock - Guitar:

Brian Craddock hails from Charlottesville, Virginia. He was called in to replace Daughtry guitarist Jeremy Brady in February, 2007. Craddock has extensive experience writing songs and producing recordings by fellow musicians like Ryan Humphrey and Justin Derrico.

Josh Paul - Bass:

Josh Paul is a journeyman bass player with a long rock and pop resume. He was a member of legendary punk band Suicidal Tendencies in the late 1990's and early 2000's. He has been part of the bands Arbuckle and Seven Stitches as well as playing bass for the Veronicas, Ashley Parker Angel, and Kelly Osbourne among others.

Josh Steely - Guitar:

Josh Steely formed the rock band Sandjacket in 1993 in Carlsbad, California with Don Guianan and Rick Root. The band has recorded 4 CD's and played their most recent show together just days before Josh Steely got a phone call asking him to audition for Daughtry. Josh Steely beat out 60 other guitarists to take his spot in Daughtry.

Reviews of Daughtry Music:

  • Daughtry
  • "Feels Like Tonight"
  • "Home"
  • "It's Not Over"
  • "Over You"

Fastest Selling Rock Debut Ever:

Daughtry was released November 21, 2006 and, with the help of 4 top 20 pop singles, it became fast selling debut album from a rock artist. The album received 4 Grammy Award nominations, and the group Daughtry was named Billboard's Top Duo or Group and Top New Artist for 2007. Daughtry has now sold over 4 million copies.

"No Surprise" Leads Off Second Daughtry Album 'Leave This Town':

On May 5, 2009 Daughtry released the single "No Surprise" as the lead-in to their second album. It was performed live May 6, 2009 on American Idol. The album, titled Leave This Town, is due in stores July 14, 2009.