David Bolton

David Bolton, B.SC is a software developer who develops trading applications for a global investment bank in London, England.


In a 26 years career, David has written software for Price Waterhouse, British Aerospace and London Clearing House. He was a game designer at Microprose and an award winning games developer in the mid 80s. Since 1996 he has lived and worked in London and following a 6 month contract with a big investment bank was offered a permanent position. David has developed games, utilities and business applications in these languages- Basic, C, C++, C#, Pascal, Delphi, Ada, dbase II, Fortran as well as websites using php and html. He works full-time developing software for an investment bank and is a Technical Director for three small companies. As a technical writer, David has articles published in several computer magazines including Program Now- where he was a programming columnist from 1992-1994 and Delphi Developer in 1999-2000.


David was educated in Northern Ireland at Carrickfergus Grammar School and is an alumnus of Queen's University Belfast, a redbrick British University. He studied Computer Science and graduated as Bachelor of Science in 1981.

David Bolton

My career has been spent designing and writing software and I see my role as guide to pass on this experience and technical knowledge, simplifying and illustrating complex topics. I have a great love of creating as well as playing games and poker, so expect to see some aspects of that reflected in the code that I write and publish here. There is a vast wealth of information on the web and I will be reviewing, compiling and collating links to the best sites as well as reviewing the latest tools and books for software development.

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