David Bolton

Computer Science Expert


B.A., Computer Science, Queen's University Belfast


  • Software developer who has worked for several major firms
  • Developed trading application software for small banks and hedge funds
  • Freelance writer with articles featured on technology website Dice.com and in several computer magazines


David Bolton is a former writer for ThoughtCo who contributed articles about C and C++ programming for seven years. He is a software developer who currently works for MRI Software.

During a career spanning roughly four decades, David has developed and maintained software and systems for Morgan Stanley, Price Waterhouse (now PwC), British Aerospace (now BAE Systems) and London Clearing House (now LCH). He also worked for Lombard Risk, where he developed a trading system for small banks and hedge funds. In the mid-1980s, he worked as a game designer at Microprose, an award-winning game developer that is now defunct.

David is also a freelance writer on the subject of computer programming. He is the author of Learn C Games Programming for Beginners and has contributed to the technology website Dice.com


David Bolton holds a B.A. in computer science from Queen's University Belfast.

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