David Fiedler


Dave is an experienced cyclist, an award-winning writer and a year-round bike commuter.  He has written professionally about bicycling and other topics for more than a decade with hundreds of articles and four books to his credit. He has worked as a correspondent for the Associated Press, and his writing has been carried by the New York Times Syndicate and the Wall Street Journal Online. His most recent book is Ride Fit, a basic guide to fun and fitness on a bike published by Barron's Educational Press.

On the bike, Dave's dual-threat combination of being both big and slow produced a scorching lack of success in his short-lived racing career, but remarkably he is tied with Lance Armstrong for number of times winning the Tour de France.

David Fiedler

I love bicycles. It is how I define myself. I ride for fun but also commute year-round to the office. I love bike racing, and my dream vacation is a cross-country bike tour.

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