David Muhlestein

  • Paintball and woodsball enthusiast who has been playing since the mid-1990s
  • Has extensive knowledge of paintball equipment, including how to customize and repair a variety of guns


David Muhlestein is a former ThoughtCo writer who contributed articles on paintball for six years. He is a paintball and woodsball (paintball played in a natural outdoor setting) enthusiast who has been playing since the mid-1990s. David has played hundreds of games in all types of terrains and weather conditions. His extensive knowledge of paintball equipment comes from spending countless hours fixing, customizing, and modifying paintball guns.

From 2008 to 2012, David owned and operated Buckeye Paintball in Ohio. He has had articles published in a number of paintball-related publications, including the now-shuttered Recon Magazine. 


David has a Ph.D., J.D., M.S., and MHA. from The Ohio State University. He earned his B.S. from Brigham Young University.

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