David Muhlestein

David Muhlestein first played paintball in 1994 and got his start in woodsball in 1999. He's a published magazine writer and is more than willing to play any variation of paintball someone can invent.


Since his start in paintball David has played hundreds of games in all types of terrains and weather conditions which have formed the backbone of his practical experience. His on-field paintball knowledge comes from the school of hard knocks (and welts) courtesy of the paintball field. His equipment knowledge comes from countless hours fixing, customizing, and modifying paintball guns. He loves discussing paintball, arguing about paintball and writing about paintball. As a writer he has contributed to Recon Magazine. When he's not on the field he loves tinkering with equipment, fixing broken guns and reading about paintball.

David Muhlestein

Paintball is more than a simple sport, it's a way to be active, meet friends and create stories to tell for years to come. It's more than the simple competition; it's a chance to develop your own style, customize your arsenal, and experience the adventure of competing against your friends and yourself in a sport you can call your own.

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