Before You Take the LSAT: 6 Things to Do the Day Before the LSAT

You’ve done all the preparing you can for the LSAT by following the 3 steps to LSAT success, so what do you do the day before the big test? What follows are six things you should do the day before the LSAT.

Notice that nowhere on this list is the word “study.” In fact, if there’s one thing you shouldn’t do the day before the test, it’s look at LSAT prep materials. Do yourself a favor and file them away two days before the test so you’re not tempted to do one last set of questions.

Now here are the six things you should do the day before the LSAT:

Forget about the test.

No amount of last minute prep right now will make a difference and may actually stress you out, so do something you enjoy like reading a book, watching a movie, going out to dinner with friends. Do whatever you have to do to take your mind off of tomorrow.

    Know how you’ll get to the test site.

    Be sure you know exactly how you will get to the test site, and if you haven't yet, think about doing a test run. Depending on how far you live from the test site, you may consider booking a hotel room so that your morning commute is even shorter.

      Prepare everything you will be taking to the test site.

      Some things you'll need are your LSAT admission ticket, a photo ID with signature, two or three #2 pencils with good erasers, a watch that doesn’t beep, and perhaps a snack. Put everything together right by the door so there’s no chance of forgetting anything.

        Check the weather forecast.

        If there’s any chance of inclement weather, make sure you know about it and that you’re prepared, whether it’s leaving earlier in the morning or staying at a hotel overnight.

          Set two alarms.

          Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get up and ready. Use one battery-operated alarm in case of a freak power outage.

          Losing power probably isn't likely, but do you really want to take that chance and then wish you had just set another alarm?


            Be sure to get a good, regular night’s sleep. “Regular” means you don’t want to sleep extremely more or less than usual so you don’t mess up your usual routine.