Before You Take the LSAT: 6 Things to Do the Day of the LSAT

The LSAT is Here - What Do You Do Now?

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You’ve finally made it to the day of the LSAT. You probably know that you shouldn’t be cramming on the day of the test, so what should you be doing now?

Here are six things to do the day of the LSAT:

Get up early.

The last thing you want to be doing on the morning of the LSAT is running around frantically, so be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to do your morning routine at a normal pace. Since you’ve already figured out the best route to the testing center and prepared everything you’ll need to take with you the day before the LSAT, you’ve removed any further potential stress from the morning.

Maintain that relaxed feeling by getting up early.

Eat a good, solid breakfast.

You won't get to eat anything substantial until after the test, so be sure to eat something for breakfast before you get to the testing center. A word of caution, however: eat more or less what you normally eat. Anything heavier than usual could make you feel sluggish or even nauseated, especially since you’ll likely be a bit nervous. Conversely, eating a lighter than normal breakfast could deprive you of much needed energy. You should also plan to bring a good snack. Fruit works especially well since it is relatively easy for the body to process and will give you a boost to get you through the exam.

Dress in layers.

Assuming you checked the forecast the day before the LSAT, you have an idea of what the weather outside will be like, but you can never predict the conditions in the testing center. Your best option is to wear or bring layers so you can add or subtract as needed.

But do not bring hooded sweatshirts or hats. You won’t be allowed to bring anything that covers your head into the testing center unless it’s for religious reasons.

Get your mind working.

Take something to read before the test begins to get your brain thinking and processing information. A newspaper or a crossword puzzle will do.

Whatever you do, you don’t want the first question of the LSAT to be the first thing you read that day. Each LSAT question counts, especially when you’re aiming for a high score, so you need to make sure your brain is all warmed up and ready to go right from the beginning of the exam.

Arrive early.

Since you’ve woken up early, you should have no trouble reaching the test center with plenty of time to settle in and make yourself comfortable. Place the appropriate items on your desk and under your chair.  Use the restroom before checking in because you won’t be able to visit it again until after the test has already begun. Locate the refreshment areas and get a good sense of the testing center now. You won’t want to be distracted by anything once the test starts.


A couple deep breaths before the test starts, and you’re off! You’ve done a lot of LSAT prep, so now it’s time to get to work and show those law school admissions officers what you can do. Pace yourself just as you’ve done in practice LSATs, and don’t let small distractions like the person next to you shaking her leg get to you. You’ll have plenty of time to debrief later, so for now, just relax and do your best.


Updated on September 25, 2015 by Lee Burgess