Speak Québec! A guide to day-to-day Québec French

by Daniel Kraus

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Speak Québec! is a small book with huge amounts of information about French as it's spoken in Québec. Primarily a dictionary of Québec French to English, this pocket book is supplemented with notes on Québécois pronunciation, grammar, and slang.

Québécois French

Québécois tend to get angry or offended when their French is classified as a dialect, but the fact is that the French in Québec is distinct from that spoken in Paris, and both are different from French spoken in the south of France, Belgium, or Sénégal.

All French variations are dialects, and if you're going to live and/or work in Québec, you might find it helpful to learn the local variation.

Speak Québec!

The first few pages of Speak Québec! are both useful and interesting. There's a brief linguistic history of Nouvelle-France and Canada, a pronunciation guide, a list of important structural differences to be aware of in Québec, and even a few curses. The meat of the book, however, is the Québec French-to-English dictionary, which includes part of speech indicators for each term, a register rating, and example sentences for select terms.

Daniel Kraus, the author of Speak Québec!, has lived in Québec since 1995.

Out of print

Unfortunately, it appears that Speak Québec is out of print, so you might like to read my review of Le québécois en 10 leçons.

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