Days of our Lives Spoilers January 18 to 22, 2016

Camila Banus and Casey Moss
Camila Banus and Casey Moss. Courtesy: Getty Images/Mike Moore

What's coming up next on Days of our Lives? Check out the latest spoilers from the NBC soap to find out what's happening the week of January 18 to 22, 2016. 

Highlight of the Week: Get ready for a pair of first kisses and a hot time in Vegas for a couple who used to be married. Kiss #1 is between Hope and Rafe. (Too soon after Bo's death? I'd vote, yes.) Kiss #2 is between sweet young things JJ and Gabi.

(Too soon after Paige's death? I'd vote, no.) As for the duo having fun, fun, fun in Vegas, look for things to heat up between the newly separated Belle and her ex, Philip. (Too soon after Belle's split with Shawn? Not quite sure.)

Monday, January 18

Hope confesses to murdering Seth Malcolm.

DVR Alert: Victor’s past comes back to haunt him.

Tuesday, January 19

John comes face-to-face with his mother.

DVR Alert: Steve confronts Ava about working with Joey.

Wednesday, January 20

Rafe and Hope share an unexpected kiss.

DVR Alert: Things heat up between Belle and Philip during a trip to Las Vegas.

Thursday, January 21

Nicole learns Brady has been dreaming about her.

DVR Alert: Gabi and JJ share their first kiss.

Friday, January 22

Belle is tempted when Shawn admits he’d like to give their marriage another chance.

DVR Alert: Andre confides his shocking theory to Chad.

Here's a complete look at last week's spoilers for January 11 to 15, 2016: 

Monday, January 11

Chad proposed to Abigail, who happily accepted.

Rafe offered his help to a traumatized Hope.

Nicole angrily ripped into Eric, blaming him for Daniel’s death.

Victor comforted Maggie, who struggled with her grief over losing Daniel.

Tuesday, January 12

Steve was stunned when Ava revealed the story behind the baby pictures: the child in the picture is his son.

Rafe risked everything to protect Hope by helping her dispose of Stefano's body.

Andre learned that Chad was no longer under his mind control.

Theo found another cruel message in his locker.

Wednesday, January 13

Melanie returned to Salem to help plan her father’s funeral.

Nicole had a difficult time dealing with Daniel’s death.

Eric was wracked with guilt over the consequences of his driving drunk.

Eduardo gave John key information about his mother.

Thursday, January 14

Andre became suspicious of Hope and confronted her about Stefano.

Eric and Brady had an intense confrontation.

Brady had an odd dream… involving Nicole. 

Victor reacted mysteriously when Caroline described another disturbing vision she had about him.

Friday, January 15

Hope debated whether or not to confess to murdering Seth Malcolm.

Ava knocked out Kayla to prevent her her from telling Steve she found Joey in her hotel room.

Chad was unnerved by Andre’s theory that Hope did something to Stefano.

Jennifer tried to hide the back pain she’s been suffering.