Product Review: De-Bug Plug Towing Trailer Wiring Circuit Tester

Will the De-Bug Plug make fixing trailer lights and wiring easy?

De-Bug Plug Circuit Tester for Trailer Wiring Problems. Photo by Adam Wright 2010

If you've owned a trailer, chances are you've had wiring issues at one time or another. There is nothing worse than looking up to see malfunctioning trailer lights, and you're having a really bad day when a policeman is the one to point it out to you. Checking the trailer lights wiring involves climbing around the truck and trailer with a circuit tester to find where the problem lies. Can the De-Bug Plug Towing Circuit Tester make the job of troubleshooting trailer wiring problems easier?

Real World Testing

Ask anyone who has ever towed if they have had trailer wiring problems, the answer will be yes. Fixing them in your driveway on a sunny day is not so bad, but fixing your trailer wiring in the rain while crawling around a Wal-Mart parking lot is really not a lot of fun. Ask a guy who knows -- ask me. I found this De-Bug Plug Towing Circuit Tester on the market and thought I would give it a try, since I was having the inevitable trailer wiring problems at the time. Living in the Northeast where they salt the roads wreaks havoc on trailer wiring, the salt just eats up the wires and corrodes all the connections. Recently I noticed I only had running lights on the trailer, and had lost turn signals and brake lights. I first wanted to see if the problem was with the trailer or the truck. So I grabbed the De-Bug Plug Towing Circuit Tester and plugged it into my towing socket on my truck.

The tester showed that the problem was with the truck wiring, I was not getting power to the brakes or the turn signals. By using the De-Bug Plug Towing Circuit Tester I was able to save myself hours of time climbing around the trailer testing wires. In this case the problem was with the truck, the trailer wiring was fine and thanks to the De-Bug Plug Towing Circuit Tester I was able to learn this quick.

This is a must have for anyone who does towing, it is money well spent.